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Release date : Dec 29 1989

Maine Pyar Kiya is directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya, starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. It was released on 29 December 1989. Maine Pyar Kiya was the biggest hit of 1989 in India, one of the most successful Bollywood movies of the 1980s, and it established Salman Khan’s status in the industry.

Synopsys :

Although they have been friends for years, Karan and Kishan have grown apart and have little in common. The widower Karan is a poor engineer who lives in a humble house in the country. Kishan is a rich man with a vast business empire with little time for old friends. However, when Karan prepares to work abroad, he turns to Kishan to solve a problem. Will Kishan let Karan’s daughter Suman (Bhagyashree) stay at his house? Kishan cannot turn down his old friend’s request and Suman comes to live with Kishan’s family. At first country girl Suman is ill at ease in the huge mansion. She is befriended by Kishan’s son Prem (Salman Khan), who assures her that he has no romantic interest in her and that a boy and a girl can be platonic friends. The pair share outings and confidences and all seems to be going well.

Then Prem takes Suman to a party put on by some of his rich friends. They humiliate Suman and accuse her of scheming to marry Prem. Suman leaves in tears and distances herself from Prem. At that point, Prem suddenly realizes that he has fallen in love with her. With aid of his mother (who likes the unassuming Suman) and his comic friend Manohar, Prem sets out to win Suman’s heart. He succeeds, but their romance is balked by Prem’s father Kishan, who does not want his son to marry a poor nobody. He prepares to send Suman home in disgrace. At this unpropitious moment, Karan returns from overseas. Kishan accuses him of plotting to match Prem and Suman. Karan and Kishan quarrel; Karan and Suman then return to their village.

Prem refuses to accept the separation. He defies his father and is disinherited. He goes to Suman’s village and begs to be allowed to marry her. Karan, angered by Kishan’s accusations, says that he will allow the marriage on one condition: Prem must prove that he can support a wife by his own efforts.

Awards :

Maine Pyar Kiya won five Filmfare Awards in 1990, including Best Film for producer Tarachand Barjatya and Best musicc director award for Raamlaxman . Salman Khan was also nominated for Best Actor category. The Best debut award was given to Bhagyashree and Sooraj Barjatya. Later after years Filmfare gave the Best Debut award to Salman Khan.

Songs :

The Maine Pyar Kiya soundtrack was very successful in India. Suman’s role was sung by the famous playback singer Lata Mangeshkar; S. P. Balasubrahmanyam sang for Prem. Folk singer Sharda Sinha has also sung in the film.

The opening track, Aate Jaate, is said to have been inspired by Stevie Wonder’s 1984 single, I Just Called to Say I Love You, while the whistling and humming interludes in Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka used the hook from Baltimora’s hit, Tarzan Boy. Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali was directly taken from Swedish rock band Europe’s 1986 single, The Final Countdown and theme from Love Story, Where Do I Begin. The track Antakshri was a medley of various Bollywood songs based on the Antakshari game, which was popularized with this film’s release. The remaining tracks, including the popular Dil Deewana, were original compositions.

Songs List :

  • Aate Jaate
  • Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka
  • Dil Deewana
  • Aaja Shaam Hone Aayi
  • Kabootar Ja Ja Ja
  • Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali
  • Maine Pyar Kiya
  • Kahe Toh Se Sajna
  • Antakshri

Boxoffice :

Maine Pyaar Kiya was one trump card by Rajshri. It was All Time Blockbuster Movie and celebrates multiple silver, golden and diamond jubilees at boxoffice. First cycle of run for Maine pyaar kiya was up to 2 years from its release (1989 – 1991). Not only its theatrical run was bumper, Video and audio cassettes sales was exceptional as well. Few notable jubilees are Piccadilly– Chandigarh (42 Weeks), Natraj – Khanna (12 Weeks), Paras – Delhi (28 Weeks),  Ritz – Delhi (15 Weeks). Maine pyaar kiya collected around 15 Crore at the time of release which if adjusted today will come close to 135 Crore. 

Verdict : All Time Blockbuster

in Cinematic Discussion by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
95% Accept Rate

reopened by

Yaar waise sach bhi hai gadar adjusted dis. Share>> bahubali 2 hindi adjusted d.s.


Hmm but Jyada Ka Gap Nahi Hai Dono Mei

Infact In Real Terms Baahubali 2 Should Be In Top 5 All Time Hits, Dubbed Film Doing 5 Crs That Too In Multiplex Era When No One Except Salman And Aamir Has Seen Even 3 Cr Footfalls


Yes agree


Sun MPK ke deewane, Zero flop ho ya Disaster, MPK ek wahiyat movie rahegi, ab bol jo bolna hai.

5 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

I watched the movie at theatre at 2 rs ticket and from the day itself became a die-hard Salman as well as Bollywood fan.
It is an event which changed the future course of my life and can't get rid of even after so much trying.Still watching HAHK and MPK with the same interests as the first watch.

by Assistant Director (59.4k points)
selected by
+2 votes

It was a game changer for bollywood. I am not a fan of the movie but what it achieved is commendable.

by Director (132k points)

Bhai to phir agar jab dil 10 se 12 gaya to Mpk bhi to 14 se 16 hoga


First Of All, MPK Footfalls Are Not Above 4Crore. As BOI Had Mentioned Earlier. At Best 3.7Crore.


Han MPK Bhi Badhega Purani Sab Films Badh Rahi Hai


Kaha mention kiya hai ?

+1 vote

wow i am really surprised this film has not aged well or is not very popular now but just look at those numbers what a huge success never though it had more footfalls than ddlj

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
+1 vote

What Is The Article In There? First Of All It Couldn't Cross Sholay. Secondly, It Is Forgettable Flick. Couldn't Stand The Test Of Time Like QSQT. In A Way, This Sums Up Salman's Career Pretty Well. Forgettable.

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)

Lmao QSQT has stand the test of time where may be in your La La Land ....
fyi MPK was an ATBB & QSQT wasn't even a hit earlier ...
that's why In Zee cinema every other wknd it plays either MPK/ HAHK/ HSSH ... repeatedly

0 votes

Great..it was the first movie that broke sholey collections

by Camera Operator (11.5k points)

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