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Uri opened pretty well at around 20-25% which is a healthy start for this film. It is an action film but not Baaghi 2 type which will set the box office on fire. The film is patriotic but generally the patriotic ones which do big business have their hearts on the sleeve and a film like Manikarnika releasing in few weeks is actually in that zone. This is actually called Jingoism by the English media but its actually having hearts on the sleeve and being extra assertive which has seen patriotic films rule at the box office earlier.



Uri will be a film for the multiplex audience despite being an action film because of the above. Its a healthy start and it should grow over the weekend as its a multiplex film but the crunch will come on Monday. Normally action films are front loaded and it will be interesting to see if this film can world like a concept film and sustain over the next few weeks.



 The Accidental Prime Minister had a decent 15-20% start and considering no face value it will be a decent number. There has been a controversy surrounding the film which has helped. The film has occupancy which is 30-40% lower than Uri but collections could be 50-60% lower as URI has more screens and capacity.



A Rajinkant film Petta was also dubbed into Hindi but the opening was very poor especially in North India. It had some decent collections at select cinemas of Mumbai city and Maharashtra which is the normal trend for Rajnikant films barring the historic 2.0. The film does not have much of a chance in the Hindi markets outside Mumbai / Maharashtra.



Simmba had a noticeable drop in collections on the third Friday due to many new releases.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4617
in BOI Update by Unit Manager (31.3k points)
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So both the propaganda films are working.... Not bad.

3 Answers

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Keep calm and wait for manikarnika. 35 to 40cr opening is on the cards. Kangana has a huge draw plus historicals are very much in demand. First 300cr grosser of 2019 coming up.

by Director (122k points)
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So Uri first day early estimated - 7 cr+
Wom - positive
And accidental prime minister - 5 cr+
Wom - decent

Hit ke liye kitna chahiye?

by Production Designer (15.8k points)
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So 2019 for Bollywood started with a bang. Both are receiving favourable reviews let's see where they stops?

by Production Designer (16k points)

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