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The phase has come for every superstars and megastars that they lose their stardom once, they don't remain the same force in having flocks of persons in theaters. It had happened with greatest of all time, Dileep saab; it has happened to Amitabh too. Basically, those days age used to be against them and no technology was there to save their looks.

I remember Suryavanshi or that movie which got the maximumm viewership on one channel probably where Amitabh played a 20s son and 50s father, for both the roles he was too old already; even the movie was quite ok, it couldn't get the audience that he used to get when he was angry young man.

Now, it seems that SRK has lost lots of his fans, myself being one. I thought he would do something like Dileep Kumar did in Saudagar; or some movies where he could comfortably play a 50 year old hero; there are several movies in Hollywood; but he never seems to get off his 30 to 40 year old characters where he would be romancing his grand daughters or daughters age actresses. With the same type of stories repeatedly, how long a fan would remain his fan! Rab ne bana di jodi was okayish, but do you Jab tak hai jaan or JHMS suited him at all! I thought he would come back with good storytelling but no, he wants to do the same thing over and over again. Audience would like SRK in a role like that of Marlon Brando in Godfather, or Al Pacino in Heat, or Tom Hanks in Green Mile; there are good stories where a 50 year old can be a hero too.

Since SRK is not leaving to romance, he will have no fans like he had before. What do you think he will do next? Do you ever have hopes that he will realize that he needs to play a good character and not a college kid or 38 years old virgin anymore? Will he ever comeback?

I apprecite Salman for doing Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he did that and he retained his fans; Aaamir did Dangal and saved his fan base. But this guy isn't going to do anything for his fans!

In my opinion, he can't try politics; I think he will buy all IPL teams and enjoy when his own team plays against his own team. Money is that only thing he is after.

While predicting any upcoming SRK movies, don't go over 120 crores; his next will also fall in the same range; but I am sure the moneymaker in him will make money for him in his next too, but let's not hope he will give us a good movie in his future career...
Source Link: Self-realization, frustation-of-being-a-fan
in Cinematic Discussion by Location Manager (7.6k points)
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Hmmmmmm a true fan you are.

I just hope he comes back with a good movie. He needs to get out of that bubble. All he does is talk big these days. The actions are not there to back the talks. He proudly presented and promoted a crap like Zero. Anyone could have sensed that the movie was going to be a disaster but he didn't see that coming. Even after the epic failure, he was seen advocating his mistake in the usual manner by calling himself king and shit. That bubble hasn't burst and he will struggle.
The King thing has to go away. The SRK has to take over.

If he comes to his senses, he can again be in top three and thats a big IF.

by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
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Look, age comes for everyone. You can try your best but when the time comes there's nothing you can do.

Fan of previous superstars have seen this, and now it's time for us SRKians to face this. Over the next several years we'll see very low openings and lifetimes, and eventually starpower will end. It has to be accepted.

As for your demand of no romance, playing a serious character, well his next movie is exactly that. Sure I don't trust him at all to make a good movie or a hit movie, but he's fulfilling your demand with his next movie. Announcement may come on 3 days.

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

I am sure he will change the next movie such that there is something to hate his character. In Zero, I hated his character so much that I would blast the theater if possible. He is doing non-sense since long.

I don't think he is the same guy who did Swades or Paheli, if if the movies were niche, they were very good. I don't think he is the same guy who did Anjaam in which you would hate the villain so much that you would be happy when he is dead. He makes the audience hate the main character itself, like the character in Dilwale, that one in Zero, that one in JHMS.

No hopes from next movie either.

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Same feeling as a srk fan. My regret is that srk not realizing his potential. Look Raees kind of movie suited him perfectly and it has audiences too. But he hardly trys that genre. Again he fears to reinvent himself these days. He is after money.

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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Same as what he is doing now. Starving for a hit since years and years

by Camera Operator (11.5k points)
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I think srk should do a low budget movie like 50-60cr and make sure that 70-80cr nett will give hit verdict to the film acc.to the boi. Com..

by Location Scout (3.2k points)

Not seeking for that hit, but just one good movie, but no more seeking...

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