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in Non-Bollywood by Mega Star (215k points)
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Stupid players showing how really are they spoilt by the overnight popularity and stardom..

4 Answers

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Yeah. Both of them be like "Mere muh se nikal gaya bhaiyya, meri zubaan chut gayi"

by Second Unit Director (77.8k points)
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They've invited a lot of trouble. There's talk of a long ban for both of them. Should see how the likes of kohli and MS live their life.

+1 vote

Good throw these two useless guys out of the team

by Assistant Director (46k points)
+1 vote

hhahaha stupid pandya

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
+1 vote

Kudos to bcci. I would have sacked them from the odi series and grounded them only to play ranji for the next 6 months.

For inspiration they can see how their captain transformed himself after 2012 to become a legend.

by Star (146k points)

and these same guys were saying on the show that virat needs to relax but they dont understand its because of the work ethic of the guy that he is where he is today


Sadly they won't emulate kohli. Pandya is the worse of two actually.


ya rahul seems decent but got involved in this controversy all because of pandya now


It's cringeworthy to see pandya bragging about the number of girls he's had. I would honestly like to see him sacked from the odi series in aus and nz


ya i mean these guys are rich famous and fit it shouldnt be hard for them to get girls no need for bragging plus pandyas attitude towards women seemed pretty bad mostly seeing them as some form of conquest though i dont think they would be banned just a couple of good performances and all this will be forgotten.

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