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Should next gen actors start clashing with Khans on festival release ?

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Khan's have given movies like in last few years.

Dhoom 3, Race 3, Happy New Year, Dilwale, PRDP., Tubelight

If young actors start coming with half decent movie, they may even start winning the clash, like how Ranveer did against Dilwale. If Baaghi 2 would've released on EID, it might've won the clash.

If they start doing this, khans will be forced to release better movies on festivals or industry will start getting future superstars. Atleast audience will start getting better movies.

Almost all high grosser are coming from festive release, we keep complaining that young stars are not giving any high grosser movies, but chances become very less if they don't get festive release.
asked Jun 16 in General by bollyranga Production Designer (13,121 points)
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I want young actors to be proactive ... and dare to clash.

Khans ke time pe festival release ki itani importance nahi thi, then any release date was fine.

Now if someone wants to become big, they need festival release date. If they keep waiting, they will start getting festive release only by age of 35-40.

There is not much time to get few ATGs, ATBBs in their name after 40

If Padmavat released on festival, it could've become ATBB.

This is bound to happen but I want it faster. Young guys in big scale action movies will bemuch better(similar to how romance movie with khans were much better than Old Amitabh/Jitendra doing romance).

Khans can still do movies like Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan etc. With their following, if they make good movie, they will be able to generate huge gross even on non festive release.

It's not in the hands of the young stars. It is the production houses who should decide it

We all talk about how big a star is, how dominating the Khans are.. the truth is it is the production houses who are still the boss. It is for them the actors work for. Just because they cut out a deal of profit sharing doesn't mean they become the bosses or share the same space as the producer.

When the big production houses feel they need to move on from the older stars then they definitely will. In the end only it's all just business. They will milk the cash cow till the extreme & eventually buy or create a new one.

Talking about Padmaavat. Those were extreme situations. Still it did wonders. Personally I found it to be very mediocre but it worked big time. If the team were "pro-active" they would've sorted out the issue much before. but this one was all the more politically motivated. Not every film face this. Not every film can outperform like Padmaavat even after all the hurdles.

Khans cannot & won't survive on doing the same old stuff. Salman can't repeat the same thing without strong content. This applies to Aamir, Shah Rukh, Akki, Ajay & Hrithik too. Ofcourse they'll not go down without a fight (also don't want them to, having grown up watching that much connection is there).

Lastly the big solo releases will happen once they have gained the fan following to justify that. Till then have to wait.

Lastly the big solo releases will happen once they have gained the fan following to justify that. Till then have to wait.

How can you say that they don't have following ? Baaghi 2 did 72 crore in opening weekend, on festive release it could've been much more .. may be around 90-100 crore.

Khans's stardom looks bigger compared to them because they are getting holiday/festive release. Check the non festive release of khans .... and you will not find very big difference.

Lets say if Aamir/Salman khan's non festive release opens to 90 crore, and Tiger/Varun's fetive release opens to 100 crore ... suddenly people will start feeling that there is not much difference.

Khan's stardom is elevated because of festive release, not necessarily that only khans can give bigger opening on festive weekend.

No you shouldn't go by those numbers. It is about their reach in terms of footfalls in A, B & C centers. Be it Ranbir, Varun, Tiger haven't really won their audience all over. Not yet. Coming to Ranveer, he is yet to prove his stardom despite a Padmaavat.

Khan's stardom is not solely based on festival release. That is based on their neatly 30 years long career & the stardom is justified when you have earned the loyal fanbase for this long.

And people outside social media never gave any importance for figures & they never will. Why? Because the stardom or fanbase wasn't created because of that. It is the other way around.

Like I said it is the studio that decides. If the two main studios decide say Varun should not be given any solo release then Varun is never getting one. As simple as that.

Khans scored only after Big B went down. The cycle will repeat. The dominating ones will have to go down for the younger lot to replace them. Won't happen overnight but whenever it happens it will definitely feel like it happened overnight.

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Please don't try to hide naakami of a particular Khan in behind the surname of Khan. He has to face clashes on even Independence day and Republic day....While other two Khans easily get solo release on Eid-Deewali-Christmast....One of them gets even 2 festive seasons of the year easily.

answered Jun 16 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)
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I completely agree with you. Competition only benefits customers in the long run.

answered Jun 16 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)

Khans can make huge investment ->so they gets fetival release -> Because of festival release attract more viewership -> leads to again more investment ... and cycle continue.

Yes but things can change when outstanding filmmakers like Raju Hirani and SLB make movies with youngsters. That content gives them a chance and these filmmakers can even get massive budgets like Padmaavat.

Now with several producers like KJo investing big in youngster movies like Brahmastra, Kalank, Simmba etc the scenario can change.

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First and foremost this gen next must learns to do proper movies continuously then talk about competition , those who have talent are working in artsy cinema and those who are mediocre are doing commercials. Then how can they explore full potential.. first they have to gain the trust of exhibitor only then they can eye for big festive movies

answered Jun 16 by professor Set Designer (2,469 points)
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What are you smoking ???? Next gen wannabes should clash with these legends ???? Na. The khans deserve a solo release only. These 3 guys have a few more years....let them do it with the dominance they have enjoyed over the last 25 years. They've earned it.

answered Jun 16 by Intense Director (128,232 points)

50% of movies coming from khans are crap on festivals. If competition is there, then they will put effort to make good movies.

You are thinking of khan's benefit, I am talking about audience benefit.

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Question Is Not Should They Clash
Question Is Could They Clash

On A Side Note Dhoom 3 Wasnt A Great Movie But It Was A Decent One Which Is Evident From Its Trend Post Weekend.
Its Not A Joke To Get Atbb and Atg Tag.
Even Dhoom Brand Couldnt Have Lasted Beyond Weekend Had Movie Been Bad!

answered Jun 16 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)
edited Jun 16 by Rancho

If there would've been a better movie than Dhoom 3 in clash, may be audience would've preferred that.

Just because it is ATG, I don't want too many movies like that.

Khans have stardom , and they should utilize it to take bollywood forward by making better movies in story telling. We need more layered, grey characters. Proper character development, no forced songs, no item songs, cohesive story telling.

If we keep making movies like this, in 10-20 years also we will be getting similar movies,
we may like these movies right now, but may not after 10-20 years, and then we would be complaining that why bollywood still making movies with force action scene, item songs, without a story.

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Even if Salman khan announces yuvvraaj 2 no one will dare to clash with that
In this decade ...
Many tried ... None got screens ... All got alternative ways... The list of names include
Aamir khan
Ranbir Kapoor (twice)
Hrithik Roshan
Ranveer Singh
Sunny deol

Baqi everyone faced competition... Aamir khan srk Akshay hr Ranbir Ranveer all of them ... But not Salman
Aisa hota aya hai aisa hi hota rahega

answered Jun 17 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)
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By his 5 th year, Salman Khan had two all time Blockbuster movies,1 Blockbuster,1 Superhit,1 Hit,1 Semihit ranging from romance like MPK, drama Saajan, comedy Andaz Apna Apna, action Suryavanshi ( flop), issue based Baaghi, social drama Sanambewafa to family drama Hum Aapke Hain Koun.
And defeated Sunny Deol, Mithun etc in clashes

answered Jun 17 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)
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.......ranbir has alreadyy beaten our bhaijAAn when he was 1 movie old....from openingg 2 lifetime 2 overseas.....haHA......gandi beizzatiii.....

answered Jun 16 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)

.......@rancho .....intense bro used to be my humor fan till 2016.....but after mohenjodaro he has gone so loww to bootlick.......bhaijAAn fans......now i hv remained same.....i dont bow down 2 anyone.....never....bcz i know my star vl bounce backk......now when i do same....he hides my answer.....coz he thinks that may start war bw hrithik n bhaijAAn fans....n right now no1 is here....earlier me n greek god n anand n mr A were here......to demolish bhaijAAn fans......but i think intense hs given up.......which iss so sadd......for eg....i used to call puneet shukla chirai in 2015.....nd intense used to comment laughingg emojis on that....encouragingg me.......but now call him chirai....he hides it............n now he thinks only he represnt hrithik...haHA.......what a loser....

But HR Will Surely Bounce Back He Has
S 30
hr vs tiger
Rohit Dhawan film
krish 4 and 5
And May Be Even Immortals Of Meluha By SLB

......terey muh mein....ghee shakkar.......

Yes I used to. Thanks for reminding kabir. I used to troll Salman too back in the early days. But I never hated him and watched all his movies in theatre.

@Rancho yes hrithik will bounce back. Kabir isn't a hritik fan. Just like rajat isn't an Aamir fan.

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Khans means ur saying Salman n aamir ... Well i dnt think so n ghanta bhaghi 2 would have won against race3 but yes sanju could have won it at present negativity.. plus negativity is more of race name included others wise with fresh name with same story cast n director then it would not got even 80% of negativity.. n Race3 is first in history where franchise killed the movie..

N dhoom3 is definetly a good movie again here franchises killed it but not like race3. N here dhoom brand aamir stardom n acting was great .... yes aamir should do d3n thugs like movie in between dangal pk . Same goes ti salman he should do kick type movie bharat n bajrangi..

answered Jun 16 by playboy Unit Manager (30,854 points)