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Note - If any film is missing from this list, pls notify me

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4 out of 5 top grossers for Amar Prem.

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
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Salman is absolutely unlucky. His last couple of films didn't get released in Pakistan. Otherwise he could have 5-6 films in top 10. Though, nobody can deny the fact that Salman is the most popular actor in Pakistan.

by Unit Manager (39.5k points)

ofcourse salmans popularity is a lot right now but i am talking overall was salman popular in pak before 2009 too because i think srk has been consistently popular there for a longer period of time but then again salmans popularity right now is of a different level


Pakistan is pretty much like India as far as Indian films/stars are concerned.

90's - both Salman and Srk were very much neck to neck.

2000's - Srk>>>Salman.

2010's - Salman>>>Srk.


i want to believe you its hard i am sure srk is a lot closer to salman now than salman ever was in 2000s


Not at all...Popularity wise Salman was not so far away from Srk in 2000's. Salman was much more popular than others (only slightly behind Srk).,/m/01zh29,/m/015npr,/m/02tq2r

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if raees released there where would it have landed up?

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Even weakest Srk film JHMS had collected around PKR 11.1cr in Pakistan.

PKR 25-30cr to expected tha.

Dangal aur TZH to definetly record broker hoti..

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Top 5 is dominated by Salmir

Dhoom 3 Was Last Film To Break Records Of Even Pakistani Films To Be ATG

A Rejected Film Like TOH With Huge Negativity In Top 10

Dangal Would Have Been A Surehot ATG Had It Released There

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
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