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Will then include forced unnecessary action scenes for macho image in Bharat ? [poll]

+1 vote
It is proven many times, that action bring much more audience than drama, specially for Salman.

Will they include forced action scene similar to Bajrangi Bhaijaan to increase opening numbers ?
Yes, forced unnecessary action scenes (5 votes, 56%)
Normal action scene (1 vote, 11%)
No action scene, but macho image (0 votes)
Will remain true to original script (3 votes, 33%)
asked Jun 16 in General by bollyranga Production Designer (13,121 points)
36% Accept Rate

What makes you say if any action scene included has to be unnecessary?

It's an EID release. They'll deliver on what has been promised. And Ali Abbas atleast knows the importance to tick off the core audience demands.

9 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

what did Sallu say, I will give my fans what they want.

they want unnecessary action. they think the shirt tearing scene at the end of Dabanng is master filmmaking, so of course there will be forced action. lets just hope there is good content surrounding it.

answered Jun 16 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
selected Jun 16 by bollyranga
+3 votes

answered Jun 16 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,733 points)

+2 votes

Bharat Has Potential To Be Biggest Hit Of The Decade Or Even Century

It Will Have A Top Superstar
Good Supporting Cast
Good Director
Eid Release
It Will Have Emotions
And Masala Will Also Be Added To An Extent, Ali Already Said He Will Present Salman The Way His Fans Want To See Him

answered Jun 16 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)

Me Too Hope So

In case of TOH, it's YRF to let Victor blindly mess it up.

D3 was a mediocre movie. And tashan was unbearable. I hope this time they don't mess it up. Stakes are too high

Keep Calm And Have Faith On Victor Masss


+2 votes

Our film is our film,none of your film

answered Jun 16 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)
+1 vote

Salman's biggest hit ever - Drama & biggest biggest opener ever - Drama. Aamir's biggest opener ever - Action. Still Aamir fans have problems with Salman's action films...Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Daante... Hahaha

BTW, nobody is saying anything against Aamir here (on the forum). Fir Aamir fans ki kyu phati padi hai? Alag alag post banake kyu ro rahe hai? Oops! I forgot, Salman's terrible Race3's Advance booking>>>Aamir's career best...

answered Jun 16 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)
+1 vote

I have high hopes from Bharat and seeing AAZ I feel he can pull it off.

answered Jun 16 by Intense Director (128,232 points)
+1 vote

Bajrangi bhaijaan jaisa movie expect mat kar beta naitoh aamir ko bohat penga badega ... u pray they put unnecessary masala otherwise aamir toh gaya..

answered Jun 16 by playboy Unit Manager (30,854 points)
0 votes

That would still not be enough to cross PK ............

answered Jun 16 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,048 points)
–1 vote

Of course......coz without action, salman is a big zero.......#laashon-pe-laashein-dis-eid

answered Jun 16 by saransh Unit Manager (31,275 points)

Tum log to aankhe band karke BOI mein believe karte ho na , yahaan jake genre padh lo, BB ka


Masala / action nikal do to salman ki solo blockbuster dhundhani padegi.

Still there has never been a movie without a single slap and such a big Hit as Hahk

That was single screen era, movies used to run on basis of content,, HAHK/MPK released in limited number of screens in beginning and Big B used had full feldge release in 80s because he was big star.

And credit for that mainly goes to director. Otherwise Salman uske baad atl-east 1 movie 4 crore footfalls cross kar pata. 5 crore / 6 crore footfalls to bhu hi jao.

Jab wohi BOI Salman ko undisputed no1 kehta hai toh wo fake ho jata hai... Pre Eid ki baat karta hai toh fake ho jata hai.... Itna double standard kyu bhai? Manna h toh BOI ko mano ya mat mano... Apne fayde ke hisab se rang mat badlo...