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+2 votes
1. TAMASHA - Ranbir and Deepika in a romantic movie by Imitiaz Ali and chartbuster AR Rahman music

Opening day 10.5 cr

2. BEFIKRE - the red hot Ranveer Singh in an Aditya Chopra directorial.. And charbuster songs and popular genre

Opening day - 10cr

3. BKD - Varun and Alia the fav jodi of bollywood and a foollow up to the successful HSKD and chartbuster music

Opening day 12cr

4. SHAANDAR - Shahid in a flop streak with Alia and a decent music and promos

Opening day - 12cr

It clearly shows, music, banners,director and star cast is the most important thing for opwning for new gen stars and the last one in the list is a reminder that Shahid has everything set to fly but the right combination of the above factors.. Once he gets all these right you will be up for a new phase

And the first two are remind thw potential of those stars and yes these guys would just take long long long to even reach 1/3rd of the Khans..
in BOI Update by Executive Producer (65.4k points)
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You forgot Tiger Shroff.


@suhas agree with all the points, and yeah major production banners have ignored him consodering his inability to capitalise or build a markwt on his own.. But no one can ever predict - things change pretty quickly in Bollywood.. It is a mtter of 2 mass or full on commercial movies to bounce back but but but he needs to get those decent offers and as u said agree hes makimg the same mistake again.. He shouldnt be doing a Dinko Singh biopic at this stage or an artistic movies if at all he needs to bounce back.. And i would anyday pull up Shahids name with Ranbeer, Ranveer as long he survives in the industry consodering how safe Ranveer has been in his Bollywood journey and how Ranbir is flooded and backed up with the moat influential names every time even after foing very low..


He had his chance with R...Rajkumar but sadly though I loved Haider, both Haider & Udta Punjab just created a big distance between him & the masses.

Sure, not writing him off entirely. Fan following is still there, he needs big production houses & he has to make sure that project doesn't turn out to be another Shaandar. Let's see what he does post Kabir Singh.


Yeah exactly bro.. Its upto him to ressurect himself or repeat the same mistake.. Its been a very long wait as A Shahid fan.. Hoping for the best..

4 Answers

+3 votes

You just missed the fact that Shaandar was a holiday release and without that it would have opened 7-8cr, the usual Shahid Kapoor upper limit.

The film you mentioned for other two are their lower limit.

by Super-star (172k points)

Lower limit to their low profile movies? Lol nooo.. Thise were movies with all factors working for it and the biggest names around..

0 votes

Damn. You have offended ranbir and ranveer's massive fan following. Prepare for a backlash

by Star (143k points)

@intense Seeing the frustration of ranveer/ranbir haters, no amount of logic will satisfy them because they are driven by pure hate. Even if i write a thousand logical answers and comments they still wont stop their hatred. So wrote a sarcastic answer the best way i could reply. You being a hrithik fan hid it.


Nope, I being an admin hid it. Reply a 1000 times with logic and no body would mind. I just asked you not to spam HR everywhere, even where the post is not related to him, I know you don't like him, but we can control ourselves. A shahid fan asked a question, better to stick to that


Cool. do that. But no doubt its u being a hrithik fan is why u hid it. No doubt about that. my answer was for u and shajandeepu. It reached the targets.


Well, congratulate yourself dattani. I being HR fan have endured, seen, heard, been a target of much worse posts on HR than what you usually say. I am never a part of any fan fights, just trolling. So it won't really matter mate.

0 votes

How dare you say something like that for megagiga lord Ranbir And fashionsta kilobyte star Ranveer
Inception star Varunendra Dhawanbali
They can open there films to 100cr on there own they just don't do it bcoz of there respect towards the khans or else who are these khans in front of them
Wait once the khans retire they will break avatar record easily with a snap

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
–1 vote

romance is the hardest mainstream genre to get a high opening right now because this decade has been all about action and drama films even srks romantic movie just opened to just 15 crore so if any big star will do an out and out romantic film i dont think they can cross 20 crore except on the day after diwali perhaps

by Location Manager (6k points)
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