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Why Salman fans on forum ar saying that even salman fans are not linking movie ?

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Check this video : https://in.bookmyshow.com/videos/bollywood/race-3-public-review-salman-khan-remo-dsouza/5b238c4f20f718001331f2c8?eventCode=ET00063107&eventUrl=race-3

Do they want to give excuse for low opening of low opening ?

Bajrangi bhaijaan gave similar opening in 2014 ... and after 4 years with increased ticket prices, increased number of screens,  3D rate hikes, full commercial movie, multistarrer, action movie ..... if Salman is giving same opening then his stardom has ddecreased from 2014 level.

Agar aise hi excuse dete rahe to even Tiger Shroff fans will come and say ... ki agar usko EID release mili hoti to wo Race 3 se badi opening de deta.
Source Link: https://in.bookmyshow.com/videos/bollywood/race-3-public-review-salman-khan-remo-dsouza/5b238c4f20f718001331f2c8?eventCode=ET00063107&eventUrl=race-3
asked Jun 16 in General by bollyranga Production Designer (13,121 points)
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they've been doing this since a long time, it was only more intensified this time around, because they knew there was a risk of this happening.

just look at how Grand Nova was talking about AAZ. Last December he kept saying he has messed TZH up, just a few weeks ago he called him "kameena insaan" for hiring Priyanka.

if this is the amount of respect they have for this biggest hits and biggest directors, then just imagine how they would treat anyone who doesn't give him big hits.

it's a win-win scenario. if it flops, they can say we know all along, and if it's a hit, they'll say "wow, bhai ka jalwa"

answered Jun 16 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
selected Jun 16 by bollyranga

Never seen before negativity+Pathetic starcast+Remo director+disaster music+worst reviews for a Superstar film..... Still 3rd best advance booking ever (only behind 2 other Bhai films) and 27.5cr opening day. If this is not Bhai ka jalwa then what will you call jalwa?

Maybe JHMS doing 60 crore is Jalwa. SRK using Salman is Jalwa

Or maybe 4 saal tak hit ke liye tarasne ke baad promoting Zero as Bhai film is jalwa

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Teri itni kyu phati padi hai bhai? 3 Back to back posts on Salman! Tere harkat se lagta tu unn paid bots me ek hai jiska maqsad only and only Salman ke liye negativity karna hai... Haha

answered Jun 16 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)

Teri itni kyu phati padi hai bhai? Tere harkat se lagta tu unn paid bots me ek hai jiska maqsad only and only Salman ke liye negativity karna hai - This is personal attack

Celebrities are in public domain -- and comment on them is allowed, and I didn't abuse any Salman fan ... like are they lying or something. I just asked a question with a proof.

Rather than replying to that question you started derogatory language.

Where is the derogatory language? U r doing hutiyappa here and I just said that.

I said it already and saying again... Kbhi itna josh kbhi Aamir ke liye dikhaya h? Have u ever made 3 back to back posts on Aamir within couple of minutes?

Salman fans are extremist ... they think that know no one is bigger that Salman and no one can match him. Extremists should be replied in same way.

I think all khans has around similar stardom ..... given the genre, release date, holiday factor, director quality, trailer quality Anyone can give biggest opening or bad opening.

Not only Salman fans, all the trade analysts, BO related sites, media houses, aam janta (many surveys say) think the same. If u want I'm ready to name couple of them.

Hahaha.... Salman aur Aamir toh thik hai but do you really think Srk has the same command? Even most of the Srk fans will disagree with it.

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You forget TZH which relased in non holiday and biggest opener ever for non holiday now dont come screen count GST blaah blah blah.All his pre eid movie has done less bussiness because of pre eid factor

answered Jun 16 by Imran1 Set Designer (2,491 points)

Dhoom 3 it is......... In 2013

It took 4 years to break non holiday record.

Aur Dhoom 3 ki to baat hi mat karo - which is only movie to break holiday opening record on Non-holiday.

Dhoom 3 Is Declared As The Biggest Opener Of The Decade In Real Terms By BOI
And Till Date No Film Of Bollywood Had Btr Opening That Dhoom 3!

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So tomorrow i will say I am an aamir fan and I hated TOH and some other bollyranga who doesnt know me will say even Aamir fans are not liking the mmovie.

Will you believe me? Or maybe I will say Aamir is an idiot but I am his fan. Will you believe me?
There is no denying that Salman fans themselves are badmouthing the movie but their main argument is why Salman chose Remo which is fair.

You trying to milk the situation more. Yeah we get it! Some salman fans haven't liked the movie but its footfalls will still be more than secret superstar. And no the comparison standard has not fallen, when you say Dangal had a footfall of more than 3.7 crore you don't say all of them were Amir fans. You will know the fan count with unsuccessful movies like tubelight and SS where only fans might have showed up. For SS you can even trim the footfalls by 20 lakhs as those might have been the urban content loving audience.

To sum it up. Salman is the biggest star and will be for next 5 years no matter how many Race 3s come. Shove that fact.

answered Jun 16 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,242 points)

Atg is not the criteria, 90's footfalls only criteria right??.. lol
Now advance booking for an out and out sequel commercial entertainer


Lowest of the decade.....

opening day

Lowest opening weekend

Lowest first week

Lowest lifetime

Lowest ff
Congrats Aamir is much much ahead of Salman... Haha.

Now, u can give art, classic, masala and blah blah blah excuses but these facts won't change.

A guy who thinks Buddha B and Buddha Dilip need to learn ABC of acting from Aamir has appeared here with his usual rants without even reading the conversation properly...

Rancho I expect some common sense from you here.
No fanbase can make a movie ATG. Fanbases can make the movie a record opener.

You are saying as if Aamir alone was the reason those movies were ATGs. I am a fan but not a delusional one like you. I never give full credit of the ATBB status of BB to salman fanbase because it is just not possible to reach those levels without a movie having exceptional WOM.

Rather Salman has made pure craps blockbuster on his own. Leave aside Dhoom 3 and tell me one aamir movie where he made a poor movie blockbuster.

Amir has never really been a superstar on the levels of other khans but he plays his games well. That’s why he takes 2-3 years to make a movie.

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Bcoz Salmn fans are not srkian jo sadi hui movie hny ko hny best movie of year bole... we are very honest fans..

answered Jun 16 by playboy Unit Manager (30,854 points)
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answered Jun 16 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,048 points)

People in India can differentiate more ... that which movie is full fledged aamir movie and which one is with small role. And they shouldn't released it on Diwali against Golmaal.

On festive people will generally go fo fun/masala movie.

And that is why I say ... it is easy to give opening in masala genre(Even Tiger Shroff gave 25 crore with any stardom).

Dangal / PK / 3 idiots opening are way more impressive than .... Dhoom 3 / Ghajini / Tiger Zinda hai etc

Its a fact. Dangal shocked everyone during cash crunch

In 1750 Screens Aamir With A Dark Theme Movie Did 4.75 crs With Guest Role On Worst Day Of The Day With New Cast And Crew.

Whereas Salman With Top Director Did 20.5 crs On 4400 Screens In Lead Role With Similar Genre Like PK And Dangal

Even In China It Was Aamir's Guest Role Film Only Everone Including BOI Said That And Also Said Whatever It Did India Overseas And Worldwide It Was Bcz Of Aamir Khan
Here In India Diwali Puja Day Is Worst Day For Film, Its Like A Half Day

Moreover As Per BOI

1.SS Cant Be Considered Aamir's Film
2. Aamir Had Guest Role In It

That Film Had Dark Content Still It Opened To Nearly 5 Crs On Diwali And Did Around 60 cr Lifetime And Most Importantly Was Commercially Successful Film That Too In A Clash. Unlike Salman's Mega Eid Solo Release In Lead Role That Year Which Brought Distributors On Road. Here Not Even Mentioning Overseas And Worldwide Business Bcz Its Out Of Reach Of Salman!

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Because movie is tubelight 2 except for that climax scene

answered Jun 16 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,319 points)

Tumhare 1 jane ke kehne se kya hota hai .. masses are liking it. I've posted video proof.

If you want more videos, I can post more.

Sab bol rahe hain movie kharap hai not only him.

Climax is good so people would say they like it.but actually movie is competing with tubelight in boredom

@Roman I already gave video proof. How can you say that sab jane bol rahe hain. May be in your circle, but masses are liking it.

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answered Jun 16 by Irdwhelp Editor (83,733 points)

Go check the video I posted .. or check publIc reviews on YouTube.

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Bro just check imdb if you don't believe it then check BMS, tubelight had 56% like with 60K votes it's already near with only 10K votes.
Wom is actually worse than tubelight.
Race3 is salman's worst received movie this decade far lower than tubelight & far far far lower than jaiho.
It's salman's jhms.
It's coming from a diehard fan who watches all his movie FDFS since years.
Now think about neutrals

answered Jun 16 by Roman Production Designer (13,176 points)

IMDb/BMS is used by multiplex audience... Salman's main fan base is amongst masses and they are liking it.

Go check public reviews,. Most of the salman fans are giving it rating of 3 and above.

I can give lots of videos where salman fans are giving rave reviews for movie.

Neutral s are hating it.

This means

Either salman have very less fans


Your statement is wrong.

For your kind information, 65-70% collections come from multiplexes only. So multiplex's audience's option matters even more.

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