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Dilip Kumar Achieved This With Mughal E Azam And Ganga Jamuna In Early 1960s

Dilip Sahab Was At The Peak Of Megastardom At That Time Which Was Never Seen Before

Aamir Khan Later Created History By Giving 3 Back To Back All Time Blockbusters!

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Dilip kumar is the greatest actor bollywood has seen and the first star actor combo we had. An institution of acting if there was any.

by Director (121k points)
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Ganga Jamuna is not all time blockbuster

by Set Designer (2.3k points)

Hmm Tab Toh 4.5 Bhi Nahi Hoga 4 Cr Footfall Wali Blockbuster Film Hogi Coolie


Yup 4cr plus hoga...


The same Manmohan Desai called MPK to be the biggest hit of all times

Predict the 8-10 Bollywood movies topping 5 crore footfalls
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Interesting and Boring Fact - Rancho is the probably the only Aamir Fan who is obsessed with Box-office collections and Footfalls !!

by Producer (102k points)
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wow and 5 crore footfalls at that time will probably we equal to double or triple the footfalls right now but i am curious since there were so few screens back then it would have surely taken a long time to hit these numbers

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

In Those Days Mega Blockbuster/Atbb Used To Run For 100 Weeks

25 Weeks- Silver Jubilee (Semi Hit/Hit)
50 Weeks- Golden Jubliee (Super Hit/Blockbuster)
75 Weeks- Platinum Jubilee (Mega Blockbuster/Atbb)
100 Weeks- Diamond Jubilee (Mega Atbb)

Mughal E Azam Has 11 Cr Footfalls

When Rajesh Khanna Was At Peak Of Megastardom Enjoying Best Run Ever Seen His Multiple Blockbuster Films Used To Run In Theatres At The Same Time

And In Those Days Footfalls Were Also More, In Multiplex Era Even 2 Cr Footfalls Is Achievement, 3 Cr Footfalls Is A Huge Task No One Except Salman And Aamir Has Managed 3 Cr Footfalls In Multiplex Era.

In Single Screens Era Specially From 1960s-1980s Mega Blockbusters Used To Have 5-6 crs Footfalls, Normal Blockbusters Had 3-4 crs

Nowadays Mega Blockbusters Range Is 3-4 crs

Normal Blockbusters Do 1.5-2.5 crs

Earlier Screen Size Was Less But It Was Compensated By Huge Run Time, Nowadays Even Blockbuster Films Hardly Run For 1 Month, Mega Blockbusters Like Dangal And 3 Idiots Are Only Films To Run For 100 Days, Though Screen Size Is Huge So Its Compensated.

Not to forget external factors like increase in entertainment options and piracy In Multiplex Era!