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+5 votes
Boi mentioned today Simbba has a long way to go in terms of footfalls if compared with CE. Sanju may not even cross 3 cr footfall and same with padmavat.

The audience that was brought into theatres by CE, Sultan is a distant ask for these so called superstars, let alone the mega BBs BB, Dangal.
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Audience is shrinking, but the point is that both have done excellently this year.

Both are in better positions for the coming year compared to SRK and have already achieved something that others below Khans never achieved in their career.

For example, Ajay and Akki never scored HGOTY, have 2 Blockbusters in their entire 25 year+ career, and here Ranbir gave HGOTY on non-holiday and Ranveer gave 2 blockbusters in a single year.

They will definitely be bigger than Ajay, Akki and HR in the long run.

Yeah beating Khans is tough but then the Khans also didn't beat AB or Dharmendra.

by Assistant Director (50.6k points)
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+2 votes

People go to see race 3 or zero or toh, people go to see the Khans. People went to see simbaa or sanju since they were hirani and rohit movies

Difference in class. One sparrow doesn't make a summer. Keep calm and wait for Bharat to show finest acting gem of all time his true place.

by Star (143k points)
+1 vote

Bro very easy Simmba till now collected 190 cr nett which is around 234 cr gross only. And if i consider 140 rs. Atp this year than only 1.67 cr footfalls coming till now and chennai express footfalls is around 2.52 cr so clearly long way to go.

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
+1 vote

Footfalls Of Sanju Is Less Than 3 Crs Confirmed By BOI

Films Of Khans Having More Footfalls Than Sanju

Salman And Aamir 6
Srk 5

Footfalls Of Simbaa Wont Cross 2.5 Crs Mark

by Assistant Director (41.5k points)
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+1 vote

What are footfalls of Khans Blockbusters compared to Amitabh Dharmendra. None of the current generation stars can be as big as Khans but fact remains soon time would come when They would finally take over the mettle from Khans !!

by Producer (103k points)
0 votes

Modern era blockbusters will have 1 crores footfalls or 2. 3 crores risks is for the movies that are worshipped. Modern era meaning after 2020. Digitization already took over

by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
–6 votes

How many blockbusters salman gave without superstars and top directors before he copied Mahesh Babu all time blockbuster and became superstar

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

Many south movies copying in bollywood but not every movies becomes blockbuster why? That's difference due to megastar.


Tauji kahin aur jaake pakao.. tum gone case ho forum ki


And wabted was just a HIT or super hit.. It was Dabang that brought Salman back to his best.. And yes he delivered big hots in Bodyguard and Kick, but again it was BB and Sultan that made Salman the undisputed no1.

And and and every remakes wont work bhai..