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+3 votes
Simbaa will do 250cr lt shows massy cinema isn't yet dead. With a way bigger star, dabangg3 if made and released on xmas can create a serious hurricane imo.
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9 Answers

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Not sure but both movies would definitely open way more than any Hrithik Roshan/Sushant Singh rajput starrer despite clash.

by Set Decorator (1.4k points)
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+3 votes

Invalid question. Clash won't happen. All the astra-shastra will run away if any Megastar film comes on Christmas.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

Yeah but I want dharma productions to feel confident considering finest acting gem is in their movie. Let a clash happen I say. It will be so much fun to see what happens after that.

+1 vote

Yess dabangg 3 can be huge if it is well made it just needs a good director
Mass films will never go out of buisness there are hardly films made that cater to them so
Dabangg 3 can be huge but it needs to be good for that

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
+1 vote

Then Giastar's Bramhastra might open in single digit.

by Second Unit Director (77.7k points)
0 votes

I wish Hrithik versus Tiger clashes with Dabanng-3 then we will have 5 back to back Single Digit Opening for Hrithik

by Producer (103k points)

Both will be neck to neck Yrf one is no kaabil or Mohenjodaro


@Roman, no need man. Puneet isn't a proper Salman fan. He doesn't need any explanation.


What single digit r u talking about??
Mjo was outright rejected film with trailer and had so much negativity in online media.. Ppl started making funny meme on this movie and it opened to 9cr with clash.. Where as if it had been solo release it would habe been 11-12cr..
And coming to kaabil, it is not an out and out entertainer.. It was an very emotional film which was evident from the trailer..
And it was coming after mjo disaster and with clash it opened with 8cr and had dubbing collection of 1cr..with solo it would have made 12-13cr easily..
Look let salman or whomever clash with hrvs tiger film.. It will make more than 25cr with 2500screens also..just wait and watch.. Worry about dabanng 3 film now..


Hrithikian, who are you arguing with? He's not a Salman fan. He's only a box office puppet who worships anyone who gives a hit. If HR gives a BB, he will worship him too

0 votes

Massy cinema will never be out of fashion, If Salman comes on Christmas i doubt kjo will go ahead for a clash.
Even after Simba i'm not convinced for Dabangg3, Prabhu is a crap director Period
With a better director I have no problem
Salman with TZH has shown what he can do with a massy movie and remember its no thriller like tzh moreover it will be far more commercial.

by Unit Manager (33.5k points)

And I haven't considered sooryavanshi. It's lined up for 2019 xmas too perhaps. Or new years weekend

0 votes

Only quality matters.

I think if Dabangg 3 was made like Simmba it would have done around the TZH number.

If this year Dabangg 3 and Brahmastra have those Xmas and New Year dates, then the better movie will win. And initial wise I'm not sure.

by Assistant Director (50.6k points)
–1 vote

Only morons like you will watch shit called dabangg or whatever

by Location Manager (6.4k points) 1 flag

But Fact Is
Dabangg - Blockbuster
Dabangg 2 - Blockbuster


salman should retire who want to watch fat guy like him doing fake action


Salman fans want you to retire Tauji.. forum se nikaale gaye the.. itna zaleel honeke bawajood yahi pe ho

–2 votes

the same thing that happened when the biggest star in bollywood history and amitabh bacchan came together and clashed with 1 year old ranbir coming after a disaster debut

by Location Manager (6k points)

And yet the 3.6 billion fans wala star ran away from clashing with the same guy he infact ran away against akki is well


Jordan garcia then why did not sanju clash with tzh?


it would have harmed both films plus there was no ego of hirani like srk both would have done similar kind of business though tzh of course would have opened bigger. This clash wont happen though because kjo and salman are pretty tight too


Kitna bi achcha ho underse kamina srkfanpan zarur rehti..

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