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Why do SRKians are trying to prove that Race3's opening is very bad?

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In every Race3 related post SRKians are appearing and writing bizarre things about its opening. Do they have this audacity?

Race3's advance booking is 3rd best ever for Bollywood (only behind 2 other Salman films), far better than Srk's career best advance booking.

Race3 has done 27cr on opening day despite pre Eid, almost two times more than Srk's last film JHMS' opening day.

Even Srk's career best non holiday opening day (21cr) is nothing compared to Race3's opening day (27cr) numbers.

And SRKians are trying to call Race3 opening low.
asked Jun 15 in Trolls by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)
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Lolo....Ab shows ka rona! Exhibitors trust Salman's stardom the most, hence he always gets record number of shows. The exhibitors consider others 2rs star and that's why other stars get half number of shows Salman gets.

Is the term 'lunatic' okay to u?

@Tiger SRK has got most shows in two biggest clash in recent years despite strong opponents like Roshans and Eros. Don't worry its just 6 months now, get ready to get your *** whipped,

Jatinder aka mahan trade analyst phir solo mae aukad kyin nai hui to get more show n collection.. jhms 30cr

@cj critikkk
The first question is if Srk really has stardom WTF he faces clashes? Koi Salman ya Aamir se clash kyu nhi karta? In fact, srk khud Salman k darr se Bhagode k tarah bhag jata hai... Haha

11 Answers

+5 votes

Hahaha waqai .... jhms k baad.... Tars kha k ... Hum logon nay to unhein troll karna hi bandd kar diya tha ... Par khair hai .... karne do unhein .... Banta hai....
Barsaaati mendakko ko bus barsaaat main hi mouka milta hai.

answered Jun 15 by Grand Nova Star (154,519 points)

Yaar sahi mae after jhms bicharo ke upar itna pity feel horaha tha ke sirf 1 2 troll ke baad stop kardiya tha..

Check PM (u both)....

+4 votes

According to me it's excellent start.
All time high negativity (yes not only on social media,i have seen people laughing during daisy's scene, Daisy- bobby song), Extremely negative review, Worst supporting cast, worst Director, worst music album, most bashed Bolly trailer still Opening in the range of TZH (Real value).
That sometimes made me Furious how huge he must be & what can he do with proper packaging!!!
Hail India's one n only Megastar

answered Jun 16 by Roman Production Designer (13,176 points)

@Roman +1... to your last line ...

Yeah he summed it up .... Pretty well.
No further arguments will be valid

+3 votes

Chalo aamir fans ka toh samaj ata hai lekin gareebo srkians tumhe kiss baat ka attitude bhai..
Woh Maruthi 800 walo ki adat hai Mercedes benz ko dekke jalan se burai karna...

answered Jun 15 by playboy Unit Manager (30,854 points)
edited Jun 15 by playboy
+3 votes

Look Don't turn this on Srkians every twitterati bashing Race 3 isint an Srkian
Coming onto opening of Race 3..Franchise film + Eid + Salman Khan what do u expect..
Race 2 had opened to 14.5 crores 5 years ago...
Race 3 with biggest release of bollywood garnering 27 crores..
Let us take Pre Eid Effect
Kick 25 crores in 2014
BB 27 crore approx in 2015
After 3 years more screens + higher ticket price what should Race 3 do.. 15th night was also a chand raat.. Occupancy would have increased
When u give JHMS to defend ur argument means u dont have any argument.. Jhms was a pathetic movie... It got what it deserved... Since its first mini trail idea hogya tha what its opening will be and its result.. At that Srkians bashed JHMS more than anyone else.. 21 crores on 25Jan with clash is good even Padmavaat couldnt beat that.

Race 3 opening is good but no where near Salman Eid record... Every fan club and individual bashing Race 3...Srkians pe bill na phado

answered Jun 15 by Haider Second Unit Director (77,057 points)

Thanks @Tiger and wish you and @Haider Eid mubarak

Eid Mubarak bhaiyo..

@Tiger, @Haider & @Imran Eid Mubarak to all ..

Eid Mubarak @irdwhelp

+2 votes

Shamelessness, what else?

answered Jun 15 by shah Executive Producer (65,507 points)
+2 votes

Arey bhai they are feeling sad that king of the world is givem just 15cr opening with big director and top heroine but bhaijaan is capable of giving more than 25 cr opening that to in pre eid

answered Jun 15 by Imran1 Set Designer (2,491 points)

Check PM

+2 votes

Because it is bad. 20 lakh footfalls on 20000 shows. That's bad.
Talking about films young mentioned.
Raees had 19 lakh footfalls on 11000 shows and Dilwale had 22 lakh on 10000 shows.

Here you had 26cr on Partial Holiday of Eid eve which is equal to ₹24cr in reality. Shame on such Masala star.

answered Jun 16 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (168,031 points)

Yes Zero might get excellent opening because it's being pubcize as Salman+Srk film. Even the teaser has given more importance to Salman than SRK.

Salman se khud ka movie toh hit nhi huya he will help SRK. Back to Back disasters on Eid.

Back to diasters movies weekends are more than life time of JHMS and Fan

Aur Eid pe disaster denewale ke darr se doom dabake bhag jata hai aur ab godi me baithke naiya paar lagane ka soch raha hai global king 4-5 saal baad ek hit deke

+1 vote

Nope. I think Race 3 has opened very well with pre release negativity. 27 cr opening is excellent as stated by BOI with such mixed reponse.

answered Jun 16 by Sanal Star (143,792 points)

Hahaha what mixed response??
Is se ziada negetive response ho hi nahe sakta ....

Salman fans are liking it. Who are posting negative are other star fans except for a few like puneet.

+1 vote

Hahahah begaani shaadi mein abdullah deewana hai , jinke khud ke favorite ki last movie ranbir ki movie with same director ko cross nahi kar paayi wo bhaijaan pe ungali uthaa rahe hai .. too much fun

answered Jun 16 by professor Set Designer (2,469 points)


+1 vote

Two ways of seeing it. One is with a man like remo directing the movie and mediocre star cast and horrible music and bad music, 27cr is pretty decent.

But for a force like Salman khan one expects even more. It's bad that avengers is still the highest opener of 2018. No one can doubt Salman khan and his star power though

answered Jun 16 by Intense Director (128,232 points)
0 votes

Time time ki bat h.....

Mauke ka fayda utha rhe....

answered Jun 16 by power Assistant Director (46,768 points)

Kaisa mouka bhai? Itne negativities ke baad bhi Srk ke last film se 2 guna jyada kiya hai.... Advance booking is far better than Srk's career best.

Han srk to time gya

But uske fan mante nhi....

Kya fark padta hai? Sachchai toh yehi ki wo ab Akshay Kumar ka level ka nhi raha.

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