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The series win is great but comparing it with world cup win of 83 is so wrong
India was the favorite in this series whereas nobody thought of india even reaching next round in wc 1983
Leave alone the impact of that 83 win and how it changed the indian cricket forever
Shastri needs to hold his beer

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Kuch bhi lol.. It wasn't even a full strength Aus team.. Forget 83 even the perth win in 07 against THAT Aus team is bigger then series win against This Aus Team.

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A test match win is bigger than a series win? A decade from now the record books will say india won it's first series in Australia. No one would remember warner or Smith is there.

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Shastri is drinking too much. I think he is high on weed too.

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Ravi Shashtri himself was the part of 1983 world cup winning team and still he said this statement.

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Yes it is. A test series win in Australia is a massive massive win. If not bigger at par with a world cup win.

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You do know the significance of 1983 WC win?? The historic importance and it's magnitude and basically how it changed the Cricket in India??

Compared to this which will have absolutely no significance at all in real world.


A series win is a series win. Doesnt matter. And for me a test series win aus is as big as wc


Well world doesn't with "for you".
The impact, magnitude & significance of 1983 WC win is astronomical for Indian cricket, this series win is not even a paper clip in front of that.


Exactly. It's his opinion. If he feels it's bigger than a world cup who are you to troll him? Remember the rules of freedom of speech?

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A dream from 1999 comes true for me.Proudest fan of Indian team.

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