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+3 votes
Congratulations to India to beat Australia in Australia first time in history.

Congratulations to Captain Kohli & his bunch of strong players for beating AUSTRALIA A and creating history.

Other teams to beat Australia in Australia are West Indies, England, SA.....only difference is that these teams beat the mighty Aussies & India beat.....uh.....never mind, i guess for standard of Indian team, this is good enough.

So yay, congratulations to all Indian fans..!!
in Non-Bollywood by Mega Star (207k points)
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7 Answers

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Best answer

The series was sailed on that very day in africa when smith and warner had 'brainfade'
The difference b/w africa,england and australia is that indian batsmen did well in australia
Anyways they have created history so well done team India

by Unit Manager (31k points)
selected ago by

Take out kohli and pujara at home and india will still win. Smith and warner is no excuse. The bowlers also failed badly...Why?


Taking nothing away from india's win tbh you never actually know what would have happened if they were in the team they could be in best from of there life and thrash our bowlers but then what if they failed just as other aussie batsmen
Truth is india won the series 2-1 and history will always show that
Although i still believe that if smith-warner would have been there australia would have given much better fight
Coming to the bowling that is no excuse austarlia's bowling line up failed against india

+2 votes

Congratulations team India....

But this is very weak Australian team..
Jo baat phle Australian team m thi

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
+1 vote

Yes yes yes biggest achievement ever for indian cricket but i am little dissappointed due to drawn of Sydney test because of rain and bad light. If india win 3-1 than its biggest insult of australia cricket team in australia.

But it is expected due to very weak australian team and without smith and warner asutralia team just like bangaldesh.

by Production Designer (15.5k points)

A little bit better actually.
But for Indian team's standard, it's good enough.
I mean we saw what India did against SA & ENG, out of which even SA was weaker than previous SA teams.


Standard? A bowling attack of starc, Hazelwood and Cummins and Lyon is a weak bowling attack?


Even england was weak i mean see pakistan's performance there
England is the side which loses most series at home india had a golden chance but they failed


australia batting is weak not bowling.

+1 vote

Congrats to captain rahane, respected coach anil kumble, batsman pujara, under 19 mentor Rahul Dravid and Bluetooth expert ms Dhoni.

by Director (121k points)
+1 vote

2-1 is such a poor result for India...look at this AUS team ..was it their B team ? Lol .

by Director (122k points)

Smith fan boy has spoken. Yeah india should have beaten the weather too.

0 votes

Great Achievement for Team India. Happy for Virat . Hope in the next leg of SENA countries he wins in SA England NZ . This team has potential to be unbeatable like Australia of last decade

by Producer (102k points)
0 votes

One thing is Australian bowlers looked like Prime Wasim, Waqar before sandpaper gate. But now they are looking like stuart binny and jason olongo.

Looks like ball management policy is bigger factor for their bowling.

So good to see Kohli banged the cheaters at their home. Umpire cheating, ball tempering, on field third umpire ponting, bail remover with hand langer, and abusive aussies. They got their due.

by Second Unit Director (75.4k points)

They got their due because India beat them? FYI, India is not the first team to beat Aussies in their home, teams have done tgat before & some more than once.


No. Due for what they done to India in 2007-8 series. 7 controversial out.

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