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+3 votes
So much hatred for Ranbir and Ranveer on this forum . This group is full of cinema noobs who don't shit about acting !!
in Cinematic Discussion by Producer (103k points)
68% Accept Rate

If your claim "all users are Ranbir & Ranveer haters" would have been true this post wouldn't have gotten so many positive votes...

12 Answers

+3 votes

Yeah because someone not liking something you like is failure of others lol, what a moronic logic.
I got goosebumps from Jai Ho trailer, but others did not, they don't know a shit about goosebumps worthy thing.
Basically it's called opinion, and the fact that you are caring so much about these awards is actually a success of forum, not failure.

by Mega Star (214k points)

Can't argue with a guy who says zero will be remembered for Katrina's acting.


+1 for the last sentence...


Can't rely on puneet who's not even a proper Salman khan fan. Can change his party any day any time. He will be a full time ranbir fan if bharat fails.

+2 votes

Lol its not a failure just bcoz your opinion doesn't match with other there opinion is failure
Grow up dude
Ayushmann is winning bcoz people liked his performance thats it nothing more nothing less

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)

I like Ayushmann but doesn't mean his performance was award worthy.Hrithik was better than him in Kaabil in same kind of role


Yeah but that is your opinion don't try to force your opinion on others
Others can have there own opinion

+2 votes

The forum is a democratic place and all users have their own opinion. If they did not like ranbir doesn't mean they need your certificate of acting excellence.

by Star (143k points)
+1 vote

Most deserving best actor winners are Ranveer for padmavat n Ranbir for Sanju.. ayushman in andhadhun was just like ayushman in all his movies .... but in case of khilji n sanju u cant see ranveer ranbir ther sanju in some portion ranbir was visible. But in padmavat u cant see ranveer in single scene.. so acc me its Ranveer for Padmavat hands down..

by Unit Manager (32k points)
0 votes

Best actor this year was Rajkumar for Omerta.... Problem is that most people in this forum have no idea of film and acting..

by All Time best! (268k points)
0 votes

it is the hate for new stars is just too much i dont think this forum will survive once ranbir and ranveer start ruling

by Location Manager (6k points)
0 votes

Because of Khan's failure this year...

And ayushman not in haterd club

by Assistant Director (49k points)
0 votes

Lol failure of this forum?

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
0 votes

Bass troll hone ke liye hi forum pe hai tu

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
0 votes

This Forum is not world first
2nd every1 is entitled wit their opinions...let it be,no need to judge
3rd Ayushmann winning here is lil bit funny for me too.... Well M not gonna comment why people voted from him cz itz people perspective but it comes to me I would clearly say Ayushmann acting was gud to very gud in AndhaDhun but he is literally nowhere compared to Ranveer as Khilji & Ranbir as Sanju... Infact there are many other Solid performance which are far far better than Ayushmann

Rishi Kapoor from MULK
Shahid from BGMC
& Most importantly for me the Best Performance of the Year AVINASH TIWARI from LAILA MAJNU, ( I found it damn funny wen this guy was not even nominated in the list)

One thing that we need to understand that der is a line between a Film & Acting
A Gud Film wud always have Gud acting but that does not qualify that the Acting is Excellent cz wen compared with say average Movies, even they can carry outstanding Acting by Actors

by Camera Operator (11.5k points)
–1 vote

I agree with you who are these morons to judge future superstars Ranbir.Ayushman is good but still long way to go to be compared with Ranveer, Varun and Ranbir.

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
–1 vote

True.. . But it's not like Salman is winning for race3.. Ayushman was damn good and it will be between ayushman and Ranbir for filmfare as well.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

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