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Megastar has launched Bobby deol again with Race3 watch it to believe

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Bobby has got a very strong role,if we go by screen time then
Bobby=Salman in Race3.
There's a special romantic song as well for Bobby.
Far often we listen Star cutting their coactors role due to insecurity.
But here country's biggest Superstar has given a outdated Actor like Bobby deol a Parallel lead in his movie, with Housefull4, salman's movie,ypd3 bobby deol is all set for a turn over.
It's upto him if he could be able to make full use of it.
Being Human
asked Jun 15 in General by Roman Production Designer (13,176 points)
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Country's biggest superstar? Roman you just triggered world war 3. Brave yourself for the storm.

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That's some surprise. So Salman is going back to his doing favours for friends phase. I hope he knows where to stop. Its all this kind of stuff which ruined one full decade for him.

answered Jun 15 by Intense Director (128,232 points)
selected Jun 18 by Roman

If you use your brain rightly and read that in his comment he said,

Sab Bhai ne choose kiya hai, so don't want this movie to fail.
I want this movie to be a hit atleast.

Hence the suggestion. Tu beech me aa gaya bhashan baji karne

Waise bhi mera ek aur time Monday ko fix hai then 2nd weekend bhi jane ka plan hai

He told his desire ... didn't ask for suggestion. Your English comprehension is very week

Apne star jaise dimag bhi chota hai tera

If you could read his comment just above yours, he already had the plan to watch it thrice. So my suggestion was right at its heart. You came and made a fool out of yourself! I don’t love Aamir as much as I love Salman but if released today, I would have watched 3 idiots multiple times in a theatre. That’s how basically a good movie is rewarded.

Tujhe bass sab ko dikhana hai how you go about your movie watching business. Toh mere bhai, NO ONE CARES.

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this man has so much starpower yet instead of using it to reach his full potential and to give his fans what they deserve, he picks talentless people to support and uses his fan's loyalty to give them momentary success.


answered Jun 15 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,570 points)
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Bobby Masssss


answered Jun 15 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,852 points)

Bobby ki nikal padi. In a worst case scenario also he will be a part of a hit movie.

BOI 200 Cr Ke Neeche Lagta Nahi Hit Dene Wala Hai
Lets See However Hit Hone Ke Chances Jyada Hai

Uske Baad YPD3, H4, Salman's Film, Kick 2 bhi hai
I hope Career End Tak 10 Hit Ho Jaaye Deol Family Mei Uske Baad Keval Esha Deol Hi Flop Reh Jayegi.
However Even Before Also Bobby Had 5 Hits Plus Stardom Bt 10 Hits Hona Btr Hai.

200cr hojayega i think
If prdp can do almost 200cr Pre Gst then Race3 will definitely do it in post gst period.
Question is how much more?

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Giving long screentime means jackshit if movie isn't good or the character isn't presented as it should, looking at reactions, I don't see anyone praising Bobby despite long screentime, I have no problem with him relaunching, but atleast do it properly, I don't think anyone involved with Race 3 is going to be get much benefits as far as reactions go, but as we say, there's always a next time, with the dance movie coming, maybe better characters next time, if not movie.

answered Jun 15 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,058 points)

Inn filmon ka jo bhi ho lekin ..
SALMAN toh phir bhi top par hi hoga ...

@Irdwhelp good to know that, I'm also excited for Dance movie like you

Oh Acha Ird... Mujhe Toh Badi Unique Cheez Batadi Aaaj


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Wrong movie to launch bobby.not gonna be any fruitful for bobby

answered Jun 15 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,319 points)