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In my stardom, I think I lost my ordinariness. When I became a romantic hero, women started thinking of me as more beautiful than I am. I became Cupid’s main man, item number, lover boy. So here’s the thing: if you want me to play normal, I can’t look like myself anymore. My co-actor in Zero, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, recently told me that I’ve become a phrase, main ek muhawra sa ban chuka hoon. It’s odd because I’m not like that at all.

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well thats kinda true you became so big that its impossible not to see a little bit of your own personality in each of your roles but thats our problem not yours

by Location Manager (6.2k points)
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+2 votes is due to the ordinariness of his films he is loosing stardom.

by Director (123k points)

Not ordinariness, crappyness.



+1 vote

Now to attain ordinariness he will lose his stardom..

by Director (133k points)
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Thanks to RCE, he's lost his stardom too.

by Star (146k points)
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You should Kick Those freeloaders around you. And fire the whole RCE staff except the VFX team.

by Second Unit Director (77.8k points)
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I think srk u lost your so called Stardom too on ground reality ,lost ordinariness is too far to discuss

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
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He hasn't lost it yet, i think SJSA is that perfect movie for him to bounce back. He just needs to avoid self indulgence and blend into the character that he plays.

by Costume designer (1.1k points)

Avoid promoting twitter content on the forum @sanket


ok, is it because of copyright? or just avoid sharing tweets in general?


Since the tweet you shared is your account, avoid using your twitter account on the forum. Rest your independent views are most welcome here.


got it, I was just sharing my views through that tweet since i can't post a video here. is there another way i can post a video on the forum?

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Well u lost ur chopra n dharmas without them u didnt had any stardom ...

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)