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asked Jun 15 in Reviews by suhas All Time best! (259,076 points)
99% Accept Rate

@Roman thnx ....

Where is suhas review ? Eagerly waiting to see how he liked it

@Intense review will come tomorrow after I catch my 2nd time watch with the proper EID crowd at a single screen. It'll be in 2D unlike today's 3D screening.

Before sharing the review, let me reveal the spoiler.. no I didn't like the film.

Only 3 review till now lol. Ye Kya hora Bhai!!!!

8 Answers

+6 votes

So I’m back from the fdfs!

Can’t write a long review. Maybe I will add later.

The movie was as expected. Total paisa Vasooool! The action, the acting. The twists and turns were all very well executed.
Movie doesn’t totally rest on Bhai’s shoulder and thats a good thing.
I will go with 4/5 as a fan and 3/5 as a neutral

answered Jun 15 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,843 points)

This is what i was waiting for

Seinfeld so remo succeeded in making an entertaining movie. Ill go for it on Monday

Yeah he did and more! If you loved kick then you’ll definitely love this

Yes I loved kick. ..............

+3 votes

I watched it FDFS Maharaja theatre Bhubaneswar
Full review-
From the trailer itself i was clear that it won't be a good movie all that i needed was a entertaining movie.But alas
Story-Anil is the head of the family, he sends his twins Daisy Saquib, Salman (Step son), Bobby (Salman's bodyguard)to a mission.
Jacqueline is salman's long lost lady love who later gets introduced as bobby's GF.
Freddy is enemy of Anil.
It's a heist story about stealing of a hard disk which could lead to the exposure of ministers of India.
Don't want to reveal the story much & spoil the fun so I will keep it brief.
1st half is lame, boring after the introduction of all characters.
2nd half is better, can be called as decent.
So overall it's a below average product.
I didn't get moved by the twist & turns​ except few
Music is bad except that Heeriye song & Allah duhaihai.
To connect with the masses they have added massy dialogues which doesn't suits with this classy movie.
Inshort the legacy of Race first get ruined by Race2 then Race3.

Final word-Bhai please be selfish & stop doing movies for the betterment of others.
The man who gets highly benefitted is Bobby who gets a perfect launch pad.his role is as big as salman's.
Infact if we go by screen time then
It's 1-Daisy 2-saquib 3-Bobby=Salman=Anil


Salman has been hugely sidelined in 1st half.
So inshort he helped bobby by giving him grand launch with a 200cr movie,Daisy/Saquib by giving them the biggest role.
Let a choreographer direct a humongous movie.
Helped music director,singer (Lulia).
Inshort BHBY was in full form
Not that movie isn't watchable, Action & scale of the movie is huge & there's a huge section of MASS audience who may enjoy this movie.
You can give it a chance if you love Salman in Action movie.
Already watched it & will watch it another time in Hyderabad on Monday or Tuesday.
My rating 2/5
Just want it to be a hit for Bhai
That's why I'm against that dance drama, Remo had everything in his hand a 200cr project, Country's biggest Superstar, Decent script all he needed to do is to make a entertaining movie but alas
I may sound too harsh because i am highly disappointed as it's my fav movie.
If you go with minimal expectations & just to enjoy the movie without caring much then you can enjoy the movie.

answered Jun 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,226 points)
edited 6 days ago by Roman

Talking about screen time
Salman screen time=Bobby screen time

Saquib & Daisy screen time>>Salman's in 1st half

Remo should stick to dance movies.

My review is edited & yes agree with you vikram Remo should stick to dance movies

First of all, giving screentime or singing songs doesn't help someone, if he wanted to help them then try to make a good movie, a good movie helps everyone, a bad movie doesn't, and who's genius idea was it to remove Abbas-Mastan, I know they haven't been in form lately, but the reaction to Race 3 are that I believe they would had done much better job.

+2 votes

In short tubelight 2 except for that climax...daisy had the longest screen time.loll

answered 6 days ago by Santosh Camera Operator (8,629 points)
+2 votes

Not a review but My overall exprience/Opinion-
•Story was decent considering Bollywood Standards.
•If you are bollywood lover and have followed movies like Tashan to baghi 2 there are many Dejavu moments and You will guess the suspense even so hyped climax(Nothing Shocking like Race 1).
•Salman was Bad choice for this;I would preffer Saif(he looks Mean and that's the demand of this character);Similarly Overall Bad casting exept Anil Kapoor(he looked mean-Badass-Gives overall Feel) Everyone gave very ordinary performance but you can't expect much from Daisy-Bobby-Shaqib(most irritating "BRO")-Jaq
•Direction was Ok to bad.Not utilised Overall opportunity and Superstar Like Salman and His Charizma.
•Few Scenes/sequences were pure lame(whole heeriye song/bank/post heeriye song)/opening sequence-No need for that (felt like watching Tashan met baghi2).
•Music was worst-Exept heeriye you can't bear other songs and bound to do timepass on your smartphone.And How could you play Selfish Song Twice(Pure Sin)
•So Finally if i have to give rating i will go for 6/10 BUT-BUT-BUT
-0.5 For Using Name(Race) And ruining Race theme
-0.5 For Songs Specially How could you play selfish song twice when it's difficult to handle even once and Bad Veraion of Allah Duhai.
So Final 5-5.5/10.

answered 6 days ago by moviezfun Producer (108,057 points)
edited 6 days ago by moviezfun

As Rightly said By Saif in Race- Race hamesha meri thi aur meri hi rahegi ... kyun ki main iss race ka sabse purana khiladi hoon
Movie will do maximum 30cr business in day one and overall 150-200cr max(All Salman Star power)
I watched 10pm show in Indore PVR and occupancy was around 35-40%;may be because of pre eid effect or bad reviews over social media(where for baghi 2 occupancy was 55-60% and for Avengers housefull)
Expecting Same thing with Dhadak
How can anyone think of copying Sairaat! (Sairaat worked because of Pure Raw Marathi feel from location to Songs dance Overall Look ;if you make it in hindi then Ishqzaade 2 bol do usko lol...

+2 votes

Race 3
Carnival Cinemagic Bikaner
3:15 pm show saturday
Occupancy 100%

Acting & Direction-Anil kapoor is the only one that stands out salman does what he does but his role is too short(yeah believe that) bobby is ok

Daisy and everyone else is pathetic

Story & Screenplay-The story is okk with a gud pre interval bang and an unexpected climax

The songs just breaks the flow very badly first half is wayy too slow

Music & BGM-BGM is gud but the music as you all know is a huge letdown with only heeriye and allah duhai saving it some bit

Action- 2 action scenes were pretty gud apart from them wayy too over the top action

Visually the film is very beautiful

Final verdict-3/10
Remo messes up the opportunity of a lifetime
Its a hurried product clearly

answered 5 days ago by SSk Production Accountant (26,792 points)
+2 votes

Race 3 = DisgRACE3

So went to watch Race 3 to see if it was that bad as people were saying?? Well..

So we are subjected to opening which shows us characters, their biodata, fast cars, dancing girls, it's like a fast & furious, but much cheaper, and they don't even show one single race, so why copy it??

We see Salman Khan flying across the city at pace which will put Iron Man to shame, except he's not using an Iron Man suit, but some rubber looking thing which promotes a gentleman sitting behind me to say "Chiraiya lag Raha hai", and speaking of Iron Man, Salman's body is so powerful that iron rods don't do shit to his skull, again, putting Iron Man to shame, jeez, why didn't they called Bhai to fight Thanos, he wouldn't had stood a chance.

Then comes the joke of a movie, filled with boring monologues, super boring songs, and super boring characters, fight sequences that goes so long that they become tiring so quickly. Things go with snail pace and even worse you just have no idea what is happening, why is it happening and why should audience care? (Which they actually don't) Songs are crappy and one Selfish song is prime example of false advertising and director fooling the shit out of audience, and dialogues are hilariously bad.There is excessive use of word "SHIT" which defines both this movie and the state of mind of audience while watching it. Movie pulls Twists out of it's a$$ as director losses the plot and bombards audience with twists just like characters in this movie bombards bullets at each other and speaking of plot, this movie changes it's plot points faster than you can blink your eyes, there are illegal arms to heist to chance of redemption to drugs to politicians's sex tape (seriously, who needed to watch that).

Only thing this movie is consistent is in emphasis towards family, with Salman's character speaking about family, parivaar so much that you swear you are watching Vin Diesel in fast & furious movie, albeit much cheaper, dumber & directed by Sooraj Barjatya. Film is so bad that many scenes that were specifically made to get cheers gets no cheers and that includes Salman shirtless scene, and climax itself end abruptly when a fight sequence is ended in a way that makes "MARTHA" from BVS looks good, eww.

Audience reaction while watching Race 3

In short, movie is like what happened? Why it happened and audience is like WTF is happening, but not in a good way. One thing that director does well is recognise what he's making and add Bhojpuri dialogues & Baba Eliachi to complete the transformation of this DisgRACE from supposedly a Race movie to a Bhojpuri version of Fast & Furious.

And if that wasn't enough, the director actually ends movie with the tease of RACE 4, to which I'm just gonna say this.

answered 5 days ago by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,401 points)
+1 vote

My Review:::

FUDDU Film....... No one is responsible for this TORTUROUS FILM but none other than our Bhai SALMAN KHAN...... Kya hai ye??? ** CAMEO hi karna tha iss film mein toh keh diya hota, we won't have expected this much...... nahi kya, har baar hum chutiye Fans apni ghiswa ghiswa ke Defend karte hai toh kya Granted le logey ke kuch bhi Jhaant jaisi film bana daaloge & hum accept kar lenge??

Before film whatever BASHING/TRASHING/TROLLING done was 1 sided as they hate Salman & had those reasons.... They would have been justified if that comes after watching the film, but now after watching this film, i am getting angry, very very angry.....

Salman...... first of all STOP RUINING your Career by FORCING ppl to do as per your wishes as you aren't having the good sense of making a film with your vision. Please leave those things on ppl who are capable of doing their job & don't take STARDOM to your head that you could survive anything. This is a path which many big stars have fallen when they couldn't realize as where they are going wrong.

Salman's Entry Scene on which i have endless debates, bhains ki taang THE WORST ENTRY EVER, like he is doing a CAMEO, not even 1 single DIALOUGE...... then screenplay, your presence in 1st half as if you are not interested & just standing & posing?? I mean seriously have u watched this film??

I don't mind MULTISTARER Films, but this is even wasted the hard work of it's CAST, even if they worked sincerely, they output came terrible...... BOBBY Tried his best, DAISY also, Saqib too, poor freddy didn't have anything, only ANIL Survived this horrible script with his experience & came out JHAKAAS.

Ramesh Taurani was after Salman for so many years with this pathetic script?? What happened to him that he OK this idea of changing Race completely??

RACE Belongs to SAIF ALI KHAN / ABBAS MASTAN........ Race 1 was cool & Race 2 Dhakkad..... now Race 3 has ruined my fav series like Aamir did with Dhoom 3.

Last 40 Min is good which should be like whole movie, 3D experience of Action is Mind Blowing, Background Score is bang on.... but these things can't fill what is bad from START.

REMO - U r the captain of ship, don't ever give interview that u r biggest Salman fan, coz u aren't, coz u were, u would know how to present Salman, stood up to him & do the film as u want like AAZ did with Sultan & TZH, Kabir with ETT, Sajid with Kick, Prabhu with Dabangg, not pleasing Salman & doing film as he wanted.

Critics finally get a genuine trash film which they were anxiously waiting from Salman............. If they could have been unbias for his earlier films & didn't have trashed his good films as trash, this time they would have been more credible.

Rating - 1/5

answered 6 days ago by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,910 points)

what do u mean by Aamir ruined Dhoom 3... If Aamir ruined Dhoom then Salman ruined Race. Aamir's movie still sustained on weekdays went on to become atg/atbb..... Unlike Race 3

0 votes

Just watched around 40 minutes of the movie and then had to close it.

Everything is just so awkward, from acting to dialogues to songs.

hope Sallu realises the power of his stardom and makes something good.

if this movie had matched the original Race in quality, then it would have been unbelievably huge.

answered 4 days ago by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,645 points)

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