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2.0 (Tamil) (13 votes, 31%)
KGF Chapter One (Kannada) (10 votes, 24%)
Rangasthalam (Telugu) (4 votes, 10%)
96 (Tamil) (5 votes, 12%)
Qismat (Punjabi) (6 votes, 14%)
C/O Kancharapalem (Telugu) (2 votes, 5%)
Calendar [Assamese] (1 vote, 2%)
Daana Paani (Punjabi) (0 votes)
Geetha Govindam (Telugu) (1 vote, 2%)
Kammara Sambhavam (Malayalam) (0 votes)
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So many movies, but only few users would had watched even half of these, anyways voted for 2.0 because it's the only one I've watched.


Haven't seen punjabi,assame & malayalam movies.

I will choose c/o kancharapalem for its novelty

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Though i loved 2.0 and 96, Geetha Govindam is my personal favourite followed by Kammara Sambavam

answered by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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96 is the best non-bollywood movie for me this year
Infact one of the best this year i loved it

answered by Assistant Director (53.3k points)
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96 and Geeta Govindam both are my favs this year. Very tough to choose but have to go with 96, best movie of the year. Must watch both these films if you haven't.

answered by Star (160k points)
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Haven't seen 96 or C/O Kancherpalam. There are others as well like Vadda Chennai, CCV, etc but if I have to chose among these, easy Qismat.

answered by Super-star (175k points)

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