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So here it is. Shahrukh - Salman featuring in a Song from ZERO. EID Mubarak from two brothers.

+8 votes
asked Jun 14 in General by iamkhan8970 Producer (115,557 points)
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Place this teaser on the top of forum as important or special like other teasers

18 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it..!!

First of all I just love when SRK Dances like that, full of energy, whether it was 1,2,3,4 or Jabra Fan or Zero first Teaser and secondly the nice little touch - Glad they showed it not 2 superstars dancing but a superstar & a common man dancing, the way you see them in reality, they matches steps with superstar and then add little bit of their own madness even when the superstar stops.

I know they are breaking fourth wall with this clip for obvious reasons, but still nice to keep this dance sequence like as a common person & a superstar when they meet, it's a nice little touch but good to watch.

And did I tell that I loved it?? Did I??

answered Jun 14 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,943 points)
selected Jun 19 by iamkhan8970

Did you love it? :p I did.

+3 votes

Abort the ship and let's wait for next film whichever it is.

answered Jun 14 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,970 points)

@intense we are fine without your stinky well wishes. Go make Super 30 open 10cr, that will be enough.

.....checkk pm charlie.....

Jatinder it's because of people like you SRK has so many haters. And he will continue to have so. We ? Who are you ?the sole representative of your fan base ? Or royalty ?

@Kabir wasn't meant for you, consider it on Intense

+3 votes

It's alright, nothing special.

One thing I will say is that VFX looks much better this time out.

answered Jun 14 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)
+3 votes

Out of this world. Those two <3

I think this movie has potential to do 300 now

answered Jun 14 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,138 points)
+3 votes

From the teaser Zero is looking like a Salman Khan film. Anyway, nice teaser.... Liked it.

answered Jun 14 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)
+2 votes

Clean n polished vfx, foot tapping music, feel good feel, desi touch - looking like a winner.....

Finally srk's tryst with vfx n technology going to pay off, hopefully!!!

answered Jun 14 by saransh Unit Manager (31,259 points)

This time have to agree. If done right zero will be SRK'S first 300cr grosser this Xmas.

Bro 300 cr achievement ke liye with highest average ticket price minimum 2.6 cr footfalls chahiye and srk not achieved this since mohabbatein 2000. So prefer first touch 200 cr.

Ajay it’s a solo release on xmas. All that you said will be possible if the content clicks

+1 vote

Salman And Srk Like Always Look Good Together Except For Tubelight.
Very Good Teaser, Waiting For The Song Which Was Played In The End.

Only Challenge Will Be To Make Public Accept Superstar Srk In This Unusual Role As A Short Height Guy

answered Jun 14 by Rancho Production Accountant (29,704 points)
+1 vote

One word - Fire. Salman and Shahrukh khan looking always good when comes together.

answered Jun 14 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,618 points)
+1 vote

It's pretty short. But I liked it. VFX is tremendously improved here as compared to the first teaser. Nothing like seeing the two legends together on screen. Paisa vasool moment. Looks like SRK has got the technical aspects right this time.

answered Jun 14 by Intense Director (127,859 points)

Technically is same as 1st teaser.. diff is in first u can see legs n hands but here not...

+1 vote

Music - full On desi. Who can sing better than Sukhi Paji. Chartbuster for sure.
SRK - Damn expression. Kiss to Salman... so happy mood.
Salman- Looking macho in Kick looks. Dance also very awesome.
VFX - Best n better than 1st teaser.

answered Jun 14 by Agan Executive Producer (65,016 points)
+1 vote

What a treat for both fanbase this Eid. Both are looking awesome. Superb teaser. Films music looks completely Desi and both songs released looks superb. I just hope story is good like always in ALR movies.

answered Jun 14 by Sanal Star (143,589 points)
+1 vote

........dis is how u tease........i want that full songg right now.......but no......

answered Jun 14 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)
+1 vote

Didn't like the teaser .. but have to appreciate significant improvement in VFX quality.

answered Jun 14 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)
+1 vote

Unlucky Global Megastar,non Actor Salman will ruin the movie

answered Jun 20 by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
0 votes

It's awesome especially the beginning... Madness, chemistry, dance and desism at its peak....

answered Jun 14 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,948 points)
0 votes

Another dariyadili from Bhaijaan.....
Habit of doing cameo....for beneficiary...

Before sonkashi in welcome to new York

Now srk in zero

After Bobby deol in yamla pgla diwana

answered Jun 14 by power Assistant Director (46,765 points)

Haider i didnt knew srk value is of sonakshi n fugy star cast..

Ha ha...now your star value... similar fugly star or Bobby deol
Very good

U dont know value of Salman Khan when doing cameos.. Salman or no salman movie will earn what it will.. Depending on how good or bad it is..

.....acha hua k suv gift nai kari...........haHA.......

0 votes

I taught salman cameo zero teaser song with race3 is rumour i taught srk won't go such low to sell his movies.. but i was wrong Srk very well knows his own abilities ... Chalo Salman ke wajese srk might get his first 250cr.... .. abt song Megastar rocks in song.. rahi baat srk n vfx ki they should see hw actual dwarf people looks.. sirf 30% body size reduce karna isnt vfx.. as i said before its more like kid version of srk instead of dwarf look .

answered Jun 14 by playboy Unit Manager (30,830 points) 1 flag
–3 votes

Will The 2nd & 3rd Khans Be Enough To Beat The Mightiest Khan Aamir? I Bet Not. THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, This Diwali.

answered Jun 14 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,320 points)

Not 18 years ago bro check BOI only 12 movies after flop. Aamir doing so less movies so according to you if aamir doing 1 movie in 2005 and second movie doing 2015 than you say since 10 years aamir not giving a single flop. Hahahahahah

And your kind information mangal panday 2005 flop and its not after 18 years and not 1 cr footfalls movie. So first check facts than talk.

So You Are Trying To Say That A Record Opener As Well As 3rd Highest Grosser Of The Year, Mangal Pandey, Was A Flop? LOL!
And I Ain't No Bro To You, Dude. Mind Your Tone.

Hahaha everybody knows that mangal panday is a flop. Check BOI. Record opener dont matter if movie flop.

Lol, rajat took bro as an insult. Thereby reaffirming his right place in the place of automated beings, bots etc.

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