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Still now none of Race3 Song become Chartbuster

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Only hiriye was bit good still its no match to selfie, jume ki, baby ko aur swag in chartbuster list.. Selfish was trash by its lyrics.. party chale on was like ye kya tha.. n last hope was allah duhai hai n they didnt spared this too by releasing situational song instead of fast based end credit version  of atif.. i still doubt there wil be atif version.. so overall disappointed from music dept which is rare from salman..
asked 4 days ago in General by playboy Production Accountant (29,915 points)
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Heeriye has worked as far as topping the charts.

Very less time given for other songs to leave a mark. Although doubt Party Chale on working with such little time. Allah Duhai Hai should work.

Atif has not sung Allah Duhai Hai. So the end credit song will also be the same version.

There is Saasein Dhuan Dhuan which is also the title track but I guess it will be used as a background score.

And Allah Duhai hai advantage will be that it is part of the story. First one had it as a end credit song, second one had the worst placement & use of that song appearing abruptly making zero sense. But here it is part of the story.

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No race movie ever crossed 100 cr.

This will do more than 200 with crappy music and crappier supporting cast.

Feel the magnitude.

answered 4 days ago by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,652 points)

You will someone very angry with that last line. He had worked so hard to type that

Thats stardom of Megastar ..

Haha intense man... I wouldnt care anyway

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Well I don't blame them.....oh wait, I do, Race movies always had good songs & fun dance numbers, Race 3 makers should had done better job.

answered 4 days ago by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,517 points)
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It’s all beyond now. Weekend will be huge, first day will set the ball rolling.....if the wom clicks, songs won’t matter too much.

answered 4 days ago by Intense Director (121,976 points)
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Race music is weak compared to other Salman starrers and race prequels.. Heeriye is a pretty much a chartbuster... 765K likes... But worst thing is that it has more than 100K dislikes as well

answered 4 days ago by Haider Second Unit Director (76,299 points)
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Really.... Race franchise had chartbuster album but dis tym dissapontd.

answered 4 days ago by Agan Executive Producer (64,636 points)
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Bilkul Maza Nahi Aaya Yeh Race 3 Ka Album Bahut Dissapointing Hai

Worst Salman Album Of Decade


answered 4 days ago by Rancho Production Accountant (27,060 points)
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Last year had huge expectations from JHMS considering previous Imtiaz-Pritam combinations and was disappointed, and this year Race 3 doesn't have even a single good song.

answered 4 days ago by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,041 points)

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