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Movie Release Date Domestic Collection & Verdict

Right Yaa Wrong
12/03/2010 Rs. 2.57cr Nett

10/09/2010 Rs. 141.24cr Nett

13/05/2011 Rs. 1.86cr Nett

22/07/2011 Rs. 98.38cr Nett
Super Hit

30/09/2011 Rs. 25.71cr Nett

18/05/2012 Rs. 11.89cr

Rowdy Rathore
01/06/2012 Rs. 131.21cr Nett

29/06/2012 Rs. 3.02cr Nett

24/10/2012 Rs. 17.03cr Nett

30/11/2012 Rs. 91.23cr Nett
Semi Hit

Dabangg 2
21/12/2012 Rs. 149.52cr Nett

Mumbai Mirror
18/01/2013 Rs. 1.88cr Nett

Zilla Ghaziabad
22/02/2013 Rs. 15.65cr Nett

Shootout At Wadala
03/05/2013 Rs. 53.59cr Nett

21/06/2013 Rs. 1.66cr Nett

05/07/2013 Rs. 14.86cr Nett

06/09/2013 Rs. 13.07cr Nett

Phata Poster Nikla Hero
20/09/2013 Rs. 38.42cr Nett

Singham Returns
15/08/2014 Rs. 140.15cr Nett
Super Hit

22/08/2014 Rs. 35.83 Nett
Semi Hit

Ab Tak Chhappan 2
27/02/2015 Rs. 6.90cr Nett

Sorry Daddy
11/12/2015 Rs. 6lacs

Monsoon Shootout
15/12/2017 Rs. 71lacs

Jai Gangaajal
04/03/2016 Rs. 32.56cr Nett

29/07/2016 Rs. 68.10cr Nett

Force 2
18/11/2016 Rs. 31.92cr Nett

Aa Gaya Hero
17/03/2017 Rs. 99.75lacs Nett 

26/10/2018 Rs. 21lacs Nett ***

28/12/2018 Still Running

Super Hit to Blockbuster

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6 Answers

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Best answer

Dabangg started it all. It's the movie which has contributed to very single freaking cop movie till now including simbaa, mannerisms and antics have also been copied by ranveer.

by Star (143k points)
selected by
+1 vote

Salman Khan, the trendsetter with a totally different kind of cop

by Executive Producer (69k points)
0 votes

Dont understand why sanju baba and john ibrahim doing poilce roles.. All of them are flops only...

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
0 votes

My favourites are Dabanng, Force, Shootout at Wadala, Rowdy Rathore and Singham.

by Star (149k points)
0 votes

Simmba will be the highest grossing cop film by a distance.

by Set Designer (2k points)
–2 votes

Talaash is not a cop film at all. It can't be compared with other mainstream commercial entertainers. No swag, no herogiri, item songs, no over the top action...

Talaash more than Suspense it was about dealing with the loss, dealing with PTSD and finally accepting it.

It was far ahead for Indian audience to understand as compared to other dumb commercial films.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)

Who said a cop film is the one with item songs & ott action?

And Talaash was no way far ahead? It was right up the alley. So a ghost twist in the end in OSO is fine & Talaash isn't? And Talaash was not the first film to deal with PTSD.


I never spoke about ghost twist. I feel talaash is not a cop film at all.. I mean, Just see the list, Talaash can't be put there. It was more about coming to terms with the loss then beating goons and showing herogiri. Talaash was more of an emotional drama then a cop film..

Talking about PTSD, Talaash is one rare cop films that talks about PTSD. It's still new for Indian audience. Comparing Talaash with a dabanng or Singam is really stupid.

Similarly, You can't compare a tubelight with ghajini(both the film lead being mentally abnormal).
You must also see the genre and the treatment given to the film.


First of all who is comparing any of the films here? It is the compilation of cop films.

A cop film is something with a cop's story narrated. The lead character being a cop. The whole narrative is aided by the character.

So your issue is only with Talaash & not with Monsoon Shootout or Shagird? Monsoon Shootout was more of a neo-noir.

Like I said, this is not comparing. And Talaash is one of the many films that handled PTSD. Not at all rare..

And a cop film doesn't mean action film. Cop film can't be a drama? Or a thriller? Phata Poster Nikla Hero is over the top comedy film. Not till the end, Shahid becomes an actual cop. Shouldn't it be named here?

Talaash is every bit of a cop film as others on the list.


Suhas: bro even i don't remember any film with PTSD......obviously 'any' means with any big star or a known director......Zinda maybe...maybe not.....puri story bhi yaad nhn Zinda ki ab

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