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With this sorta negativity, cast, director, music , dialogues :D Predict Race 3 weekend and LT with other top actors. JFF

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i swear even jai ho didn't face this wrath hahaha i dont know whats everyone's vendetta for race 3..... its like ..... khoooni rishtedaaar jab ghar aatay hainn haha

let's try race 3 everything just as it is.... for weekend and LT

Aamir khan ??

Srk ??

Akshay ??

HR ??

Ajay D ??

Tiger S ??

Varun L ??

chalo ...with salman khan as well

Salman Khan ??
asked Jun 12 in General by Grand Nova Star (154,224 points)
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edited Jun 12 by Grand Nova

7 Answers

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Best answer

50 Crs lifetime with anyother actors

answered Jun 13 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,007 points)
selected 2 days ago by Grand Nova
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I agree.. huge negativity in social media, these r mostly multiplex type entities..personally speaking, I was semi excited to see race3 after watching the trailer and the first song , after that my excitement decreased when I witnessed the selfish song and my excitement further decreased after hearing few more songs with weird lyrics..and also the unimpressive cast, Woh Huma ka bhai, hema ka sautele beta, Pichle dus saal se Pole Pe latakti hui Jacky, b grade naam wali choreographer ...and no, the social media didn't influence me into believing it, iam un-influence-able ( indeed) .Then I thought - is the film stupid? So I watched the trailer again and then came to the conclusion that - Verily! The film is looking stupid...am I going to see race3 ? ek mahine se bhooka hoon, jo bhi hai aane do.

answered Jun 12 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,115 points)

First of all ..... Respect
Secondly.... hahaha
Thirdly ......Pole pay latki hui jackie ... Waqai.... She's doing pole dance in all her movies

+2 votes

Bas kar bhai. Tere liye har Salman movie negativity aur issues se bhari hoti hai.

Race 3 is most trolled ever for you, before that TB was most trolled for you.

TZH according to you is the least promoted movie of the decade.

All this so that is the movie flops, excuses are ready, and if it's a hit, you can give more credit to Salman. Pathetic.

answered Jun 13 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,078 points)

Yes Its Indeed Most Trolled Movie Leave Others Even Some Salman Fans Are Trolling

But Still This Grand Nova Predicted

1.) First Day 53cr
2.) First Weekend 150cr
3.) First Week 235cr

Nothing New For Him 1st He Makes Big Claims Then Gives Excuses.
Later when movie releases in either way he will say his prediction was successful.

I Think Hola Is Pointing That.

On a side note I don't think situation is as bad as tubelight even in worst case I don't see it becoming a commercial failure Even for missing 200 crs and clean hit mark it needs to be a bad movie for which chances are less this is not drama like tubelight it's an action movie!

I do know about Nova. That's why I wrote "not going into detail" in the last comment.

Yeah I don't know about most trolled but definitely among the most trolled. It's his transparent attempt at being "smart" that is pathetic.

Mr hola kahi tu zero ke chakkar mae mars mae toh nai reh raha na... among most trolled zara bataefa whch movie has bigger troll than ra one huh..

+2 votes

Hrithik - 170cr
Akshay and tiger - 120cr
Ajay- 110cr
Varun - 100cr
Ranbir kapoor or ranveer singh -80cr

Srk and Aamir won't do it .

answered Jun 13 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
+1 vote

Aamir Khan wouldn't do a Race 3 and Srk rejected this movie 2 years ago.. I doubt him working with Remo.. Varun, Tiger, Akshay would do 100-120 crores.. Hr 150 and Salman i have already predicted 210...with srk 170-180 given a solo release....

answered Jun 12 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,948 points)

damn..... if all of these can do these huge numbers with this sort of unprecedented negativity .... then i guess..... either of the three options is true

1 - you are undeniably and irretrievably stoned

2 - none of these top actors in bollywood has ever released a movie with anything but race 3 level of negativity.... because their top grossers are in this range. haha

3 - hide your answer , apologize, then burn the device you written this on and then burn the ash it produced then burn the vapor that ash produced and then never ever .... ever give your opinion to anyonne about anything ever again....

i choose option 3

Haider with good director n top actress srk fails to give 60cr with his friendly genre ur saying 170cr with sort of negativity ..srk ki aukad kyun bar bar bul jate ho tum log srk rejected race3 kab khwab mae kya.. n yes ur correct srk always need good director he dnt have guts to film with ditector remo cast toh dur ki baat hai...

@grand nova
Look it's my opinion and i choose none of your options.. I ll write whatever i find suitable plus Srk movies have come up with lot more negativities.. Be it Dilwale with that tolerance issue.. Even there was huge bashing of Ra One..HNY was the most trolled film of 2014

Atleast show some respect in my answers i am not doing any negitvity against Salman Khan so i expect same from u in my answers...
1. Srk fails to give 60 crore in friendly genre with good actress.. Well if u think JHMS was a Bo friendly genre then u dont know about the cinema.. Salman Khan gave a below avg movie on Eid with the director who had given Bajrangi Bhaijaan.. Even Tubelight before the release was expected to be in lines with BB.. Expected to be BB ..Distributers price of 132 crores suggest so
2 Srk ki aukat??? Lol are u serious.. Few bad movies doesn't mean person cannot give a biggie.. If that was the case Salman couldn't have made a comeback in this decade after a decade of disasters and flops.. Which srk never had
3 Srk only work with good directors.. He has worked with Anubhav Sinha, Rahul Dholakia who hardly had given a successful movie
4 Yes srk rejected Race 3

1 jhms was not bo friendly yehi rona hai tumlogo ka.. yjhd was similar genre did 186cr in 2013.... yes tubelight was expected in the lines of bb if it was then 350cr was cake walk but tubelight us far form bb it way more of arty film genre... stil we dont do rona of genre like u guys..
2. Yes jab aukad nai hoti na toh yehi genre ka rona lagte ho.. bad movies?? Let me tell u except jhms assuming by its public reviews all srk movies were good enough to score but the problem is srks low stardom he always need big herione like deepika n directors like rohit karan nw anand who has thier own fan base..
3. Good ditector definetly yes anubhav or dolakia are much better than likes of sohail arbaaz remo sajid.... wen srk does film with them pata chalegi his utter ability.. but wont do that he doesnt have that guts.

Haider pakistan mae baitkar india ka haal batenge ab hame.. none of any srk movie was trolled before release forget matching to race3.. ask ur fellow genuiune srkian hw badly race3 related stuff is trolled.. jab pata na ho toh aurtho ki tarah behes nai karte bina waja..

@PLAYBOY tubelight ko arty movie bol ke rona hi ro rae ho... Are u serious JHms is like YJHd... Oh common... Jhms was a bad film.. Even boi said that Jhms is more of European style of film.. Article send krun kya..

Pakistan main beth ke India ke haal bataenge.. Paagal to nai hai kya.. Jab logic na mila to Pakistan bol diya.. Internet yahan bi aata hai..
Kuch bi bol do
Sohail Khan as a director has given Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya one of the best movies of Salman in 90's....

Jahan rai behas krne wali baat.. Mere answer main tum comment kr ke bilawaja ki behas kr rae ho...

Haider arty film is said by boi itself.. not we salman fans.. jhms bad or good film ki baat nai chal rahi genre ki thi.. n boi ne Imtiaz ko european director kaha tha . N yjhd has same style wen masala was rage.. still it did 186cr.. i remembet during jthj release many srkian said how many romantic movie did 100cr at this period were masala was rage.. isse kehte hai rona..

Agar internet pak mae bi ata hai toh jahil ki tarah answer kyun de raha hai tu..
Pyar kiya toh daarna kya is not salmans one of best movie its just avg movie clicked by salman song o o jane jana.... ab tu ye mat bol sohail is better than dolakia n anubhav..

Haider i just gave answer to ur 170cr prediction with facts tere jaise bina waja ke ram khata nai suna raha hu mae.. the thing is tum srk fans kabhi nai sudar sakte

Srk gave 170 crores with movie like HNY where his role is equal to other 5 characters... On Eid 2013 he gave all time grosser..solo eid with sequel 170 crores is realistic.. Just bcoz jhms nai chali to kya hr movie nai chale gi... Jahilo ki tarah tu laga hua hai mere sath....
Srk with Eid solo koi movie le ao 170 to kar hi legi

+1 vote

Weekend would be 105cr ,but after that I feel that it will not sustain like tzh.
Tzh was a watchable film with decent screenplay and story,but race 3 looks not so good because of the star cast and too much over acting..
It will cross kick collection and do 250cr max..

And with other stars,I don't think any other superstar would have done this film except akki and srk as he did hny and dilwale..

answered Jun 13 by Hrithikiantilldeath Set Designer (2,225 points)
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With this sort negativity cast directors etc rest all stars lifetime wil be 50 to 100cr max except aamir he might get till 150cr due to trust..... The main thing is they dnt have guts to sign film with such cast n director ... everybody wil reject this film they need good cast n goof director to sign a film unless ur Megastar Salman khan... but salman went more further this time.... with good cast n director with similar script where salman does slight negative shade this was potential 400cr grosser minimum.. major fans including me disappointed bcoz salman himself ruined potential grosser... it was me before release who was badly hurt by cast director n script.. but trailer saved me very much due scale n action stunts...

answered Jun 13 by playboy Unit Manager (30,830 points)

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