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O mahn o mahn. just check twitter for #race 3. haha. Salman khan fans kabhe salman khan ko mauf nahe kareinge.

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sorry for not writing in english in question space......   english wouldn't have given the same meaning.....

but salman khan fans...... are so infuriated with him over race 3....... from picking casting, to crew....to director, ...to music...... to the whole race 3 movie....... hahahahhahaa they are like...zindagi mout ka sawal hai......  and he's doing all this to fulfill his ego and his commitments to untalented undeserving people ..... haha

bharat se inka gussa thanda ho jayega.....

salman khan ko bhansali k sath aik period movie announce karna padegi in fans ko khush karne k liye.

actually i think its not even his mistake.....
he's demage controlling tubelight...
where he put everything no kabir khan.....and the result was ...... horrendous
race 3 is polar opposite of what went with tubelight...... its all salman khan....
from producing, to cast..... to crew...to music,....to singing...to lyrics to distributing hahaha i mean..... every darn thing......
he's like hold my beer bro.....
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Bhaisaab grandie..everything was not on kabir Khan in tubelight ..nahin toh Kaunsa director Sohail Khan Saab ko apni film mein lega

hahaha waqai....warna kabir khan to actual main akshay kumar ko cast karna chah raha tha sohail khan k role k liye. seriously

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There's every reason to feel doubtful about race 3. The director and the side cast and a few songs too. I still feel it should do 200cr lt even if it's as bad as it is.
Would he do with a movie with bhansali? The man is extremely controversial. Salman will consider that too.

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he always has something for damage control ..... and those demage control movies came out of nowhere..... ett came out of nowhere, bajrangi bhaijaan announcement came out of nowhere, sultan annoucement came out of nowhere..... tiger zinda hai annoucement came out of nowhere..and these are his biggest grossers...... and most of his other movies... had always been in news for years before going on floor..... i mean kick was announced in 2010, ready was announced before dabangg, sher khan is still there, dabangg 2 as soon as dabangg 1 became big hit,
now all his line up is annouced and is in news from long..... and all are looking ..... haha unworthy of his fans' appreciation or ... race 3ic ....... i believe like beffore..... he will annouce out of nowhere for demage control...like he always did.

may be one of the movies he didn't do ..... like that movie with rajamouli , or dhoom 4 or sshuudhii.... and these movies at one point were confirmed...... or may be some other....
but i believe something big is coming..out of nowhere... like always.

in fact... going back...even dabangg came out of nowhere..... and these surprise movies are his most appreciated movies.

Grand i want salman to do bhasali movie.. Salman sanjay bond was too good even after salman ash breakup where he was planing to do bajrao with them... he even opted ash for salman.. u have to see koffee with karan 2004 season where aish n sanjay were the guests.... how immensely he praised salman infront of aish thats worth watching.. even karan said u have worked with srk y dnt u cast srk bajirao..he said no bajirao role salman is bang on for that role of bajirao.. m sure bhansali would have extracted some great performance from salman just like ranveer... i still find salman sawariya cameo is his best performance..

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Baaki Sab Toh Theek Hai Race 3 Mei
Par Music Itna Ghatiya Hai Ki Kya Kahun Eak Heeriye Gaana Theek Thak Hai Baaki Toh Sunne Layak Bhi Nahi Hai Very Dissapointed, Dont Expect Such Albums From Salman's Movies.
Bas Movie Mass Entertainer Ho Paisa Vasool Ho Kam Se Kam Toh Baat Bane

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.......wo sab to thik hai lekin bhaijAAn ne kya likha gaana hai.....ek baar babyy selFish hoke khud ke liye jio na.........

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