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Hello Everyone,

I am a new user here, long time lurker (3 years).

I liked 70% of Zero but couldn't understand the logic behind Shah Rukh's character using his fingers to make stars/meteors move.

Any serious answers would be appreciated.

Edit: Thanks everyone for your answers.
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Hope to see you around!

7 Answers

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Logic? = No logical explanation to explain the phenomena.

There was this "Explanation" of breaking meteors by an SRK fan on twitter which kinda tries to put logic into the whole breaking meteors scene. He says, while Bauaa was in Meerut he was used to seeing breaking meteors all the time due to open sky, and he was able to guess the timing due to seeing it all his life. But once he is in Mumbai, his "meteor moving magic" didnt work as 1) no open sky, and 2) he wasn't used to seeing it and was not able to time it. Then when he tries it for the third time in US with Aafiya beside him, its just a pure co-incidence the SRK fan concludes.

Link to his tweet:

PS: I personally dont agree with his opinion or theory, but I didn't want you to feel getting nothing out of asking this question here.

Anyways, IMO it was a metaphor used by ALR to show the magic(irl untouched innocence maybe) in Bauaa Singh(being able to move the meteors at first), which fell off once he broke off with Aafiya (not being able to move the meteors with Babita) and then finally the meteor showers when he returns and apologizes to Aafiya - showing how he regained his life/magic. Magical realism ie, folks.

Also, in my opinion this whole sequence was stupid considering how the entire second half of the movie was based on Space travel/logic, and magical realism has no place in such a scenario.

Just my two cents.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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As Himanshu said, raita phela diya tha, lekin sametne main nakaam huey.

by Assistant Director (53.3k points)
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If I ever confront ALR, that's second thing I will ask him after asking why he made Zero in first place. I don't know about logic, may be you can get away with saying it's something of fantasy but what I can't digest is that no one is bothered about that happening in the film and a large chunk of film is set amidst Space scientists.

Ffs if NASA get a man who can do what Bauua did, that will be *** huge but film says "well ignore that".

by Super-star (172k points)
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Just hope you’re not another duplicate account!

Next part contains a HUGE SPOILER (Not that anyone cares anymore)

And you’re talking business. Many of us were left baffled with that scene. I thought it will be connected to his Mars journey. ALR made a stupid movie. That’s the whole of it.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
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As much logic as baaaua being a dwarf. Don't go looking for logic. Zero is the most moronic experience of the year.

by Star (150k points)
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As u asked for a serious answer...
Here is my mine /opinion/interpretation :

Using that logic/breaking stars --- ALR wanted to give a serious message to its Audience...that is about POLLUTION!!!!!!
In Meerut - SRK was able to do it and you can see one star at a time - which shows that Pollution in that city is still not at alarming level but not good also....
In Mumbai - Although it was happening but you were not able to see it - which shows that Pollution in Mumbai city is really at alarming level that you cannot see the sky /stars..
In US - you can multiple stars - which shows that Pollution in good/clear sky.....

Acha Hua Delhi nahin Dikhaya!!!!!!....

On a less serious note - It was just to show that SRK can do it only when he is with his near and dear ones....
ALR once said that he liked SRK;s - Kabhi Haan Kabhi I believe He was inspired from that movie where SRK was able to see the shooting star..and in the end Juhi Chawla is also able to see it...which meant that He founded his True Love again....
So same thing ALR was trying to convey in Zero...that with his True Love/Dear Ones....He can do it.....

by Unit Manager (30.6k points)

Bhai Meerut pollution levels are higher than Mumbai's. I actually was going to add the pollution factor in my answer, but then I just checked to be sure. lol



You should have told this to Anand Rai....
Tabhi to Picture nahin chali.....bcos ALR ke funde hi Galat the!!!!


Accuracy level: Unrealistic. I agree.

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Now people have given serious answer, let me add something as logical as full Zero movie.

Leave the logic of him breaking stars, I'm still not getting over the fact that Bauaa Singh broke several stars just by counting from 10-0 when Thanos needed Power Stone embedded in Infinity Gauntlet just to destroy some part of Titan's moon & to throw it on Iron Man.

by Mega Star (216k points)

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