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So about 90% people have decided that Eid is on 16th. To those guys i have few questions regarding foresight.

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1 _ when are we gonna witness apocalypse ?

2 _ do they find life on other planets ?

3 _ when are we gonna have flying cars?

No one can know exact eid date .... Before Thursday night.....
Dang jis k haath main phone aur internet dai do wohi Einstein ban jata hai. Aaj k dour main ..... Me including
asked Jun 11 in General by Grand Nova Star (150,820 points)
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Applying 10 days gap trend for last 7-8 yrs i remember, EID should fall on 15th June!

Ramzan ka chand raat 10 baje k baad dikha. Isliye 30 rozay hi honi hai. Matlab Eid Saturday ko hoga (India me). Agar Ramzan ka chand sham se pehle hi dikh jata toh shayad 29 rozay hone k chance tha. Ab nhi.

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Yeh Sab yahudiyon ke fitney hai , internet aejad unn log ne kiya..

answered Jun 11 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,993 points)
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.....eid to tab hi manayenge jab bhaijAAn ka chand sa chehra dikhega race 3 me......

answered Jun 11 by Kabir Production Accountant (26,806 points)
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1 - We aren't currently??

2 - What was ET then??

3 - Ask Marty McFly, he'll have a better idea.

answered Jun 12 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,401 points)
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Bro According to hindi calendar chandradarshan on 15 jun night so EID 16 jun confirmed.

answered Jun 12 by Ajay Casting Director (18,128 points)

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