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BOI has updated Simmba movie Page as:

Opening day- 20.76cr

Weekend -75.64cr

While according to producers :-

Opening day - 20.72cr

Weekend -75.11cr

That shows it all BOI is over reporting Simmba to it's best even they r over reporting the numbers on daily basis for Simmba and producer numbers are little less than BOI
Source Link: BOI,Twitter
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Same things was happen during Sultan release.

Probably, Reliance not doing any manuplation for simmba.. Normally, production house reports collection by adding few lakh in it..

Even market like usa & south korea, where figurs are reported on hourly basis.. Day 1 (Friday) final data settle at Saturday night or Sunday morning

China me to real time tracking hain, phir bhi day 1 final data monday/Tuesday tak settle hota hain

India me to "real time tracking or hourly gross reporting" jaisa koi system nahi ho... Single screens se to manually data collect hota hoga.. Kai locations pe Estimate use karte honge... Final data baad me hi aata hain..

Indian me producer rarely apne figure revised karte hain. Jo de dia wo final numbers.
Issi wajah se shuruaat me hi few lakh add karke report kar dete hain.


Simmba usa Weekend Gross -

Taran - $1.672m
Hungama - $1.607m
BOM/BOI - $1.758563m (actual collection)
143cinema - $1.758289m

Computerized tracking ke bawjood figures me differences aa rwha hain (last two example me little difference hain).

India ka socho... Final data next day to nahi aata hoga..


Example 2 -

Sanju weekend 1 / Lifetime -

Hungama - $2,168,079 / $7,873,779

BOI - $2,723,349 / $7,906,000

143cinema - $2,722,430 / $7,898,249

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BOI is getting its number from third party sources. Reliancd is best when it comes to reporting as always.

Besides the actual day one is ₹20.46cr and weekend is ₹74.27cr, as Reliance add Nepal in its India numbers.

answered by Super-star (173k points)

Naa, Producer know number by next day. USA is also known real time, Bollywood Hungama is idiot.
In 143 we give rentrak number as it is.
BOI will post distributor figure.


@143cinema, @panipuri & @OverSeasRights ye sabhi ek hi service use karte honge...

Panipuri & OverSeasRights next day ke update ke saath previous day ka figure bhi revised karte hain.. 143cinema nahi karta hain..

Issi wajah se 143cinema ke figure slightly low hi hote hain..


Bro I started hindi and Punjabi films on 143. All use Rentrak only. The other two may use Producer number, in 143 we used update the daily numbers as on rentrak.


Alright ! Aaisa hi hoga...

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The only person who'd benefit from over-reporting Simmba is Taran Adarsh, considering how well he rated the film. He allegedly hates to see his Reviews and BO not being in sync, meaning he wants his well-rated movies to do big, and low-rated films to do bad.

answered by Assistant Director (49.5k points)

Bro i agree with you but movie is really good comedy, emotional, Action, drama, Cinematography everything is good.

Yes taran is a person i thought that given zero rating is baised because zero movie not that bad that taran rating.


Yeah, but im not saying Taran is over-reporting in this case. Just saying that its more likely for Taran to over-report in such scenarios than BOI.

And regarding Zero, he was sure the film will be rejected, hence the bad rating.


Yes i agree.

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