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"We are trying to beat the production values set by Shah Rukh Khan" - Salman Khan on Dabangg Concert.

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At the web conference for Dabangg Reloaded concert tour, Salman Khan spoke about the reason why he had stopped doing live shows. Salman was answering a question of a journalist from Chicago. He said that the reason why he stopped doing shows was that the production values had become tacky.

"Till the time I wasn't convinced of the production, I didn't do any shows. Before me Shah Rukh Khan cracked it. The last show that Shah Rukh Khan (Slam concert tour) did had a huge production value to it so now we are trying to beat that," Salman Khan said.

The nine city Dabangg Reloaded concert tour starts from June 22 in Atlanta and ends in Toronto on July 8.
Source Link: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/amp/news/features/trying-beat-production-values-set-shah-rukh-khan-salman-khan/
asked 6 days ago in General by suhas All Time best! (258,485 points)
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If same question was asked to Srk then he would have said m the best m the king m the falana dimka etc etc... that's the diff between grounded Salman khan n mu patika Srk....

answered 6 days ago by playboy Production Accountant (29,915 points)
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That is modesty at its finest .... He would never praise his own doing ... Always playing low-key with his stuff .... Even though the standards set by dabang tour will (might) not be Crossed ....

answered 6 days ago by Grand Nova Star (150,309 points)
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If there's one thing SRK has got right in recent years it's production values

answered 6 days ago by Intense Director (121,976 points)
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Srk started all this in 2005 with temptation ..Srk has always been regular with this stuff.. Be it reloaded in 2008-2009 ans Slam in 2014..even he does regular single night stage shows be it. Jakarta, Bangladesh..
Salman Khan is referring to what is already there and in beating he means better production values...
He was giving credit to SRK for cracking the idea and bringing production values to tours and concerts

answered 6 days ago by Haider Second Unit Director (76,299 points)
–2 votes

Nothing new that others learning from SRK.....
Good for Salman....

answered 6 days ago by Agan Executive Producer (64,636 points)

Hopefully Salman doesn't learn......
How to not deliver a HGOTY for 11 years.
How to not deliver a clean hit for 4 years.
How to runs away from clashes even in fear of Akki starrers.

Its upto Salman... hopefuully not as u said....

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