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I watched Vikram Vedha's Hindi WTP. A good movie but no huge boxoffice potential. No point of remaking it with big stars.

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......i dont think d original was even a huge grosser......must be a small budget hit or somethingg like that.....am i right......or am i right? ??......
asked Jun 10 in General by Kabir Production Accountant (26,806 points)
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It Ain't Always About Boxoffice! The Movie Demands Two Powerful Actors.

answered Jun 11 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,878 points)
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I loved this movie but Yes Its Reach Wont Be Much (Like OUATIM) Since Its A Crime Thriller.

With Big Star 250 Cr Blockbuster Max
Can Even Be 200 Cr Superhit

answered Jun 12 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,700 points)

...just checked......vv did 40cr business nd was 18th in the year 2017....so small budget hit i said correctly....max potential in hindi vl be 150cr......if made wid big stars plus tight budget...it can be superhit.....wid small stars it vl go unnoticedd....

Oh I Thought Original Would Have Been A Bigger Hit Seeing The Exitement Among Fans For Its Remake.
With Big Stars Budget Cant Be Less BOI Wont Accept Anyways And With Small Stars Film Would Find Tough To Be Even Hit So Its Risky Project.
But Still I Fell If Made Well With Little Bit Of More Masala With Big Stars Like Khans Akki Ajay HR It Would Do Around 200 crs And Get Superhit.