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IBO Prediction Contest - Race 3 [closed]

+8 votes

Predict in this order-:         

Domestic :-
  1.) First Day   

  2.) First Weekend   

  3.) First Week

Overseas :-
 1.) First Day

 2.) First Weekend

Rules -:   

You must post the predictions before 8.30AM IST 15th June, 2018.
You must not edit your answer after the time limit, otherwise the answer will be disqualified for the contest.
Predict an exact no for each prediction, not in ranges.
Don't post different predictions based on different aspects like negative/mixed/positive WOM.
Please don't post your predictions in comments but as an "answer" to this thread only.

Winner(s) of each prediction will be awarded with 1000 points for each correct prediction along with user(s) winning multiple predictions will receive 250 as additional bonus for each accurate prediction. Also all the participants of this prediction contest will get 500 points bonus as participation points.
closed with the note: Times's Up
asked Jun 10 in Predictions by karan khan Director (132,807 points)
70% Accept Rate

closed Jun 15 by karan khan

Day 1 26cr
Weekend 92cr
Week 134cr

Day 1 $2.35mn (inc Thursday $2.9mn)
Weekend $6.8mn

Day 1 28cr
Weekend 102cr
Week 155cr

Domestic :-

1.) First Day 29.5 Cr

2.) First Weekend 104 cr

3.) First Week 155 cr

Overseas :-

1.) First Day 2.75m$

2.) First Weekend 7.5m$

25 Answers

+3 votes

Opening Day 36 cr
Second Day 48 cr
Third Day 46 cr

Weekend 130 cr

4th Day 32 cr
5th Day 22 cr
6th Day 19 cr
7th Day 17 cr

First Week 220 cr

LifeTime 335 cr

answered Jun 10 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,315 points)

Kyun bhai pehle app 200cr bol rahe the.


Bhai Woh Negative WOM Tha
Is Me Already Negative Predict Ho Chuka Hai
Is Liye Maine Positive Predict Kiya

+3 votes

1 st day-36
1 st weekend-128
1 st week-230

answered Jun 10 by shah Executive Producer (61,805 points)
+2 votes

Opening day -32cr
Weekend - 120cr
Week - 200+
Lifetime- 300~

answered Jun 10 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,536 points)

.......kya tumhe yakeen hai ? ?....

+2 votes

genuinely writing looking all negative buzz around race 3 and considering salman stardom

1st day:-30cr
1st weekend:-90cr
1st week :- 130cr
Lifetime 180cr

answered Jun 10 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (41,549 points)

its a holiday release itna advantage tu dena he parega by the way JHMS was neither a holiday release nor action movie, plus its everyone's opinion so you stick to ur opinion i will stick to mine, there is nothing i have liked about race 3 until now, lets see if the movie have something that can surprise me other then overacting going on in 2.30 hour long movie with some pathetic actors in it.

Did i say jhms anywhere here huh.. m sayin put srk in place of salman with all those negativity cast n director u get 60cr... rahi baat jhms ki it had gud production top actrrss n gud director wgo even gave 60cr plus with saif in 2009 wch was 2nd 3rd grosser of year ..

a movie with biggest festival period, solo and starring biggest star of the year with some good reviews did only 113 cr i guess you forgot about tubelight , if tubelight was released on non-holiday result will be same 60cr

Oh good reviews really in that case fan ko atbb hona chaiye aur har srk movie bb honi chaiye isnt.... n tubelighy released on pre eid weekend so it us worst than non holiday release agar jhms released on tubelight place then 50cr would be the difficult task.. so apni star ki aukad mat bulo 80cr se 60cr king bana hai..

+2 votes

Domestic :-
1) First day - 27.50 cr

2) First weekend - 100.00 cr

3) First Week - 151.00 cr

Overseas :-

1) First Day - $2.25 mn

2) First Weekend - $8 mn

answered Jun 10 by Ajay Casting Director (18,128 points)
edited Jun 15 by Ajay
+2 votes

1st day - 38 cr
1st wknd - 112 cr
1st week - 185 cr
Overseas ..
1st day - $3.0ml
1st wknd - $9.5ml

answered Jun 10 by Irdwhelp Editor (82,604 points)
+2 votes

First day 38
Weekend 120
Week 220

answered Jun 10 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,843 points)
+2 votes

Domestic :-
1.) First Day 40cr

2.) First Weekend 139cr

3.) First Week 235cr

Overseas :-
1.) First Day 3.4mil

2.) First Weekend 10.1mil

answered Jun 10 by Grand Nova Star (150,823 points)
edited Jun 15 by Grand Nova

It's a day before Eid release (pre Eid).... 30cr kar jaye wohi bahut hai 53cr chhod bhai.

+1 vote

first day - 35 crs
weekend - 106 crs
week - 180crs
lifetime - 260 approx

answered Jun 10 by nitesh singh Set Designer (1,802 points)
+1 vote

Domestic :-
1.) First Day - 31.5 cr

2.) First Weekend - 108 cr

3.) First Week - 170 cr

Overseas :-
1.) First Day $2 million

2.) First Weekend $7.25 million

answered Jun 10 by God Father Production Accountant (21,756 points)
edited Jun 13 by God Father
+1 vote

First day- 33cr
Weekend- 107cr
First Week- 160cr

First day - $ 2 million
First weekend- $ 7 million

answered Jun 10 by Intense Director (122,940 points)
+1 vote

Before release only many gatbandan looser fans saying crap movie without watching m sure after release the negativity on another level which any indian film ever saw... its already a most negativity indian trailer n song before release... even movie is decent the looser gatbandan fans wil make sure to be utter crap movie with thier negativity..
So all this with any star will max 60 to 100cr even after eid n commercial point...
m going with
1st day 32cr pre eid (tzh did 34cr with non holiday)
If 1st day eid day then 50.3cr

2nd day eid 45cr
If 2nd day normal day 39cr

3rd sunday 43cr

Weekend 130cr..
Week 215cr

Overseas 1st day 4m
Weekend 10m

answered Jun 10 by playboy Unit Manager (30,067 points)

Bro first day you predict very less because Tzh non holiday collect 34 cr but here in case of race 3 evening and night shows occupancy bumper because next day eid holiday. But in case if Tzh next day a normal working day. And race 3 is a 3d release with higher ATP so 37.5 cr normal on non holiday.

But its a pre eid.. even muslim dnt go in night if they want...

0 votes

Opening day 24crs


overseas 1st day=1milion
Weekend=3 million

answered Jun 10 by Santosh Camera Operator (8,629 points)
edited Jun 13 by Santosh

52cr opening and 250cr lt.......well isn't that a little too much ?

Yes bro kuch lpg bina logic ke kuch bhi predict kar dete hai.

@ that 250 cr is for first week..

Santosh that's a hell lot. 250cr for first week is a lot

0 votes

First day: 28 crores
Weekend: 99 crores
Week: 153 crores

First day: 1.9 million
Weekend: 7.5 million

answered Jun 10 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,203 points)
0 votes

LMAO....All the people (including many Bhai fans) have been brutally bashing/trolling everything related to Race3. Race3 is the most bashed film ever on social media. Still people are predicting 30+cr day1 and 100+cr weekend for Race3. That's the MEGASTARDOM of Salman Khan.

Anyway, here's my predictions......
Domestic :-
1.) First Day - 33cr

2.) First Weekend - 116cr

3.) First Week - 190cr

Overseas :-
1.) First Day - 2.6m

2.) First Weekend - 9m

answered Jun 11 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,681 points)

This is the reason why people are saying it's low, you yourself predict this and now you are blaming us??

The prediction was made keeping in mind avg to good WOM but it's getting very bad wom. Yes the numbers are still little bit below expectation. But kuch SRKians jitna react kar rahe hai utna low bhi nhi.

0 votes

First Day 31 crores
Eid Day 35 crores
Weekend 98 crores
First week 145 crores
Lifetime 215 crores

Overseas First Weekend 4.5 million USD
First day Overseas 1.75 million USD

answered Jun 11 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,582 points)
0 votes

Opening 28.5 cr
Weekened 100.5 cr
1st week 145.5 cr

Opening 2.5 mn
Weekened 6.5 mn

answered Jun 11 by Agan Executive Producer (64,686 points)
0 votes

Domestic :-
1.) First Day - 27.5 cr

2.) First Weekend - 94.5 cr

3.) First Week - 152.5 cr

Overseas :-
1.) First Day - $ 1.9 mill

2.) First Weekend -$ 7.2 mill

answered Jun 12 by power Assistant Director (46,461 points)
0 votes

First day 30cr
First weekend 110cr
First week 180cr
First day 2million
First weekend 6.5million

answered Jun 13 by SSk Production Accountant (26,792 points)
0 votes

Friday -39.4cr
Saturday -48.2cr
(131cr weekend )
First week - 192cr

answered Jun 13 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,993 points)

40cr day1 & 131cr weekend... Kahi aap gross collections toh nhi predict kar rahe hai janab?

Shit.. Mein gross predict kardiya

Mujhe pehle se hi yehi khyal tha...

Anyway, Eid Mubarak, Janab.

0 votes

Domestic :-
1) First day - 31.50 cr

2) First weekend - 105 cr

3) First Week - 160 cr

Overseas :-

1) First Day - $2.50 mn

2) First Weekend - $8.00 mn

answered Jun 14 by Sanal Star (142,707 points)
0 votes

Domestic Day 1: 27cr
Domestic Weekend: 92cr
Domestic Week: 131cr

Overseas Day 1: 2.8m
Overseas Weekend: 7m

answered Jun 14 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,656 points)
0 votes

Domestic :-
1.) First Day - 33cr

2.) First Weekend -108cr

3.) First Week - 160cr

Overseas :-
1.) First Day - $2.6M

2.) First Weekend - 8M

answered Jun 14 by dipokbarman Production Designer (14,088 points)
0 votes

Opening day 32.5cr
Weekend 110cr
Week 170cr
First day 3M
Weekend 8.5M

answered Jun 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,226 points)
0 votes

Day 1 : 33.5 cr
Weekend : 114 cr
First week: 175 cr
First day: 3.2 million
Weekend: 9.5 million

answered Jun 15 by Nitin K Camera Operator (11,613 points)

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