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BREAKING: Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 release shifted to 2019 - Bollywood Hungama

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A while back we had reported that the Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 had been delayed. In fact, we had reported that owing to the heavy VFX work on the film, the post production took longer than expected thus forcing the makers to postpone the release of the film. However, at that time there was no official confirmation on the same. Now we hear that the film which was slated to clash with the other Akshay Kumar starrer Gold on August 15 has been shifted yet again and will release only next year in 2019.

If what we hear is anything to go by then apparently despite working overtime, the VFX of the film is still incomplete with certain major portions still left to render. Given this fact the makers of 2.0 have now decided to push the release of the film to next year itself.

Commenting on the same, a source close to the film adds, “With the amount of VFX work on 2.0 that is still pending there is no way the makers will be able to release the film this year. In fact, the producers are currently working out a perfect release date for the film that will now hit screens in 2019 and an announcement of the same will be done in the last quarter if the year.”

When prodded for more details on the same, the source further adds, “By this year end, the makers of 2.0 are look at completing majority of the VFX work but this constant delayed has created yet another problem and this time it is the budget that has gone haywire.” Apparently, the constant delays in the release of 2.0 have now had an adverse effect on the film’s budget that has kept on increasing. As of now the producers and partners on the film are working out possible solutions to find fresh funding to help promote the film.


asked Jun 9 in General by iamkhan8970 Producer (110,901 points)
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If only they had SRK, this wouldn't had happened, I mean Akki can't help shit in this matters, he does not have the tools or source for this, SRK could had been more than helpful, whether in budget, technology, funding or whatever they would had needed, I mean unlike Akki who just shot the movie & bailed, SRK would had completely motivated to work for it, he loves this stuff, maybe the only Bollywood star who thinks about technology, vfx etc so highly. Other star thinks them as a way of making their movie better, SRK thinks it as a way of future & this movie was perfect for him to try do something better, unfortunately things didn't worked out.

Still, SRK has got movies where he can use his technology & stuff, but on other side, well 2 point 0 is looking in trouble.

answered Jun 9 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,401 points)
selected Jun 12 by iamkhan8970


Agreed SRK is very passionate when it comes to vfx

Thunder aisa konsa mahan vfx kiya hai srk n his team ne...n tujhe pata bi hai rendering kya hoti hw much it time takes to render single image forget animation... i being 3d visualization renderer knows very wel hw much time n effort it takes.. n lyca has enough money to excute all vfx work without anybodys help ... i think they are going with high end resolutuon rendering just like hollywood thats y its takin more time.. n srk hota toh ghanta kuch karta he would have done sasti bacho type vfx which we seen in ra one..

Playboy, I'm going to agree with thunder on this, if SRK was part of the film and his company had been in charge of the Vfx dept the film would have released on Diwali 2017 as planned. The problem is the vfx of the film were not good, and the producers had to pull the work from the company hired to do the vfx and use other vfx compnies to redo the work.

source: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/shocking-team-2-0-alleges-irregularity-american-vfx-company-take-legal-action/

Lyca doesn't have infinite amount of money that they can keep throwing into a project that has been in post production since 2017.

Well the tech has really improved since Ra One, do you really think SRK is that cheap that he would use 7 year old tech to show off 2.0?

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When the film was announced many years ago,
kowsigan was in high school and I think when this film finally releases kowsigan would be in the middle of his mid life crisis.

answered Jun 9 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,993 points)

Hahahahahahhahahaa. What an answer.

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too much delay with this movie. they should not announce any release date now until they are absolutely sure it'll be 100% ready for that date.

answered Jun 9 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,645 points)
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I had been saying this all along. It will release in 2019. Damn. All excitement now over for this one

answered Jun 9 by Intense Director (122,940 points)

Mujhe to laga ki movie ab agle janam me hi dekhni padegi.

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This film is doomed completely

answered Jun 9 by SSk Production Accountant (26,792 points)
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answered Jun 9 by Kowsigan Second Unit Director (74,446 points)

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