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Presenting the song Party Chale On from Race 3

+7 votes
asked Jun 8 in Music by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,517 points)
98% Accept Rate

Good one. This is the song that either leads to the iconic dialogue or it happens right before the song. "Our business is our business, none of your business".

I liked Salman's hands gesture/style was repeated here in the dancing where Saqib & Bobby too do it. Wondering whether that is used as his signature style or just during "uss Race ka Sikandar main hoon"

It's just hit me that Race 3 will have more dance numbers than recent Salman Khan starrers.

TZH had only one. Tubelight had two but that wasn't enough for the fans. Sultan had two but Jag Ghoomeya step became more famous.

So basically Race 3 is breaking the two dance numbers format of recent Salman Khan starrers.

Well Race movies always have had more dance numbers.

That's true but then they're not fitting in Salman to the franchise instead it's other way around na.

9 Answers

+2 votes

Lulia vantur should be banned from singing acting dancing everything damn deport her as soon as possible

answered Jun 8 by SSk Production Accountant (26,562 points)
+1 vote

According to me this song is the best song of race 3 till now released all songs. Salman khan steps fantastic.

answered Jun 8 by Ajay Casting Director (17,660 points)
+1 vote

Best song.loved it to the core

answered Jun 8 by Santosh Camera Operator (8,472 points)
+1 vote

Good song. Best till now. But...lulia finds a way to ruin the experience a bit

answered Jun 8 by Intense Director (121,976 points)


+1 vote

Okay so 3 good songs and one bad.

Iulia actually did a decent job here. Happy she tried hindi singing. This will be a big hit.

answered Jun 8 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,652 points)
+1 vote

Race 3 album is the weakest album for a Salman Khan film this decade for a massy entertainer..i dont know why there is huge negativity going on with Race 3..huge number of dislikes on youtube videos..
Trailer with 300K dislikes combined of tips and SKF
Selfish with 141K dislikes
Allah Duhai with 85k dislikes
Heeriye with 100K dislikes

answered Jun 8 by Haider Second Unit Director (76,299 points)
+1 vote

Is it just me or does Sallu look very tired, in this video. He is also looking aged and has a big tummy.

He needs to take better care of himself.

answered Jun 8 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,041 points)

Yes I Also Feel Same. Salman Has Started Looking Bit Old And Fat Which Is Not Good For Him Considering The Type Of Massy Films He Needs To Do Are Very Demanding Physical Appearance Wise.

Salman has tummy for very long time. See the ETT VFX video, how they put 6 pack abs on Salman's tummy.

The power of home made tasty food that Lulia gives to him, he can't refuse, anything for love, that is untill he moves on to next girl as always.

Home tasty food......hahahahahahahahahhahahahaaa

0 votes

..........another chartbusterr.........bobbyy rocksss..........haHA.....

answered Jun 8 by Kabir Production Accountant (26,645 points)
0 votes

Seriously man.. The lyrics are disappointing ...nut just this...but the whole album.

answered Jun 10 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,758 points)

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