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He said There was very few stars in our country .He said most of the times it depends on packaging of the film . for him star is someone who can guarantee you double digit opening day atleast irrespective of the genre of the film .
so according to you who are genuine stars in our  country according to his logic as a producer
for me - Its Salman Aamir SRK Ranbir Akshay to be precise
in Predictions by Producer (103k points)
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7 Answers

+2 votes

Khans Are Only True Blue PAN INDIA SUPERSTARS Of This Era!


by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
+1 vote

Ranbir was giving single digit opening just before Sanju, so he can't be listed here.

Akki's Pad Man also opened below 10cr.

But if you have to make a list of those double digit openers, then its Khans for sure and Akki can also be included.

by Assistant Director (55.7k points)

Nicher. Wow.


There was clearly written "irrespective of the genre" in the headline. Then from where does niche-upar come???


Yes Padman has a low opening day but its still 9.81 crs which is around 10 akshay might not have those huge openers but he is consistently delivering those double digit openers 3-4times every year.


Tiger, this is puneet you're talking with. He can swing like a pendulum and become a new person everyday. Very soon he will start bashing Salman too.

+1 vote

He is absolutely right... hrithik is out of top 5 in fact out of top 10 stars who give biggest openings. Expect all of his next movies to open in 4-5 crore range.

by Set Designer (2k points)

U think he is ranbir kapoor to give 4-5cr openers?? Lol..
What was the aukaat of ranbir before sanju?
5-6-7-8cr opening and 20cr,40cr,50cr lifetime roflmao..
U just go and check what was the opening and lifetime of films of sanjay dutt before lage raho munna bhai and you will get the answers kid..

0 votes

Khans and Akshay can give a double digit opening in almost every case, hrithik badly needs to up his game to get good openings, ranbir and tiger and Ranveer etc can also keep doing it provided they get the right sort of movie with all the padding

by Star (152k points)
0 votes

Accha accha Vidya Balan ka husband hain yeh.

He is a bad producer. After his tenure Disney stopped producing movies. He produced films like Mohenjodaro & Jagga Jasoos which didn't even deserved that much budget. Failed Producer.. He was just a sidekick of Ronnie Screwvala.

by Second Unit Director (78.5k points)
0 votes

It's the three Khans to be precise.

Akki & Face Maker both have had single digit opening in recent history.

by Mega Star (217k points)

Free credit for srk wen word khans taken

0 votes

Karan Johar on similar show :

There are actors asking for double digit pay checks but in reality
their movies dont open to double digits.

Roshan mass

by Costume designer (1.2k points)

Oh you have no idea


I have various ideas. I guess you haven't heard of this saying before. Koi na. Wait for brahmastra to crash next xmas.


Crash nahi.. This bramhastra will be a huge disaster..
That fellow should stick to flirting, 350 ppl gahapa ghap or breakup policies.. Y getting into action and make ppl look at him like a joker.. He will become laughing stock..doing action is suitable only for real men..


First warning for you Brahmstra. Mind your language. Trolling is fine. Getting personal and using such words isn't. What hrithikian said was in connection with the movie sanju. What you said was personal.

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