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Listen to Allah Duhai Hai full song from Race 3 out exclusively on Gaana.

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427 views asked May 31 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (259,076 points)
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Why the hell release this on gaana. I HATE GAANA websote

Till now Race 3 OST sucks... Not expected from Tips!

7 Answers

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damn.....this is ..... another level...
this makes the biggest chartbuster of last year..... swag se swagat ..... a smallest chartbuster.....
just forget everything..... this song alone ...is enough. kaaam pura ho gaya music ka..... 3 chartbuster with 15 days to go...... bht hai...... 150cr weekend...... welcome.

answered May 31 by Grand Nova Star (150,820 points)
selected Jun 3 by suhas

I didnt find it that bad either. It was different..main problem for me was the uninteresting ending, in race 2's version atif gave a wonderful ending to the song.

then try the headphones listening one time. n c the difference

Haters will say anything.

When I first listened to Heeriye, I didn't know what to make of it. But on multiple hearing I started liking it.

I liked Selfish. May be not the English words inserted but I always dislike the habit of any Hindi song having English words inserted just like that. Takes out the proper feel you get from full on desi-ness. Same goes to all regional songs. I might enjoy the song but usage of English is not so appealing.

Now the thing with Allah Duhai Hai is I firmly expected to like it on first hearing itself. Sure Jam8 have worked onto leave "their" mark rather than copy pasting Pritam's work. When I said disappointing it's because it didn't win over me on the first hearing itself as per my firm expectation. Sure, let's see what multiple hearing does as I've eased up a bit on Jonita Gandhi rest we will know this evening.

ofcourse...... subjective opinions lie in every service you get .....
but i am judging these songs .... on the basis of can they become hit and give the movie benefit or not.....
im more of an instrumental appreciating individual....lyrics dont really give me satisfaction... but these songs of race 3 are same as songs of kick..... chartbusters one after the other....

+1 vote

It takes a special sort of talent to take a good song and actually make it into a bad one.

Zabardasti ka remix. Race 3 album sucks.

answered May 31 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,656 points)
+1 vote

Its flat. Not even a patch on the song from the first two installments. One good song followed by two bad ones for race 3

answered May 31 by Intense Director (122,940 points)
+1 vote

3 Idiots. Safer. Day By Day.

answered Jun 1 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,878 points)

Move over 3 Idiots, you have many more movies to obsessed over, and BTW, didn't you said same during TZH that Dhoom 3 is safe? Turned out TZH crossed PK, leave Dhoom 3.

@TBird ..

0 votes

Oh dear, what have they done to the song??

answered May 31 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,401 points)

They had one job, one job.

I was talking about Race 3.

Race title track > Race 2 title track > Race 3 title track (considering audio)

Visuals also beating Race 1 isn't easy.

Race 1 title track was awesome. Race 2 one was just about saved due to the aura of first one though they tried increase the male vocals / dominate through male vocal. Wasn't that easy to do in first part with uber talented Sunidhi Chauhan.

Sadly in Race 3 they've made male singers dominate fully with Jonita only getting the rap portion. She does get a line but leaves little mark.

Simply how I miss Sunidhi Chauhan or even Anushka.

It's all down to visuals now.

I was also talking about Race 3, just shared the videos for comparison, sounded way better, let's see about the video, the impact of song is missing.

0 votes

At first listening u wil feel ye kya tha.. bcoz in mind u expect same music same lyrics with higher level of instrument.. after u watch out again both race1 n race2 song u wil realize they have changed everthing except hook like alluh duhai hai.. 2nd hearing u wil feel the magnitude of starting 2 3 lines meaningful lines later on u wil enjoy it.. problem is singer they should gone to atif itself for this one too...so this song is completely difftent from previous 2 those who expect same song they might get disappointed..

answered May 31 by playboy Unit Manager (30,067 points)
0 votes

Song of the year is finally out now and the wait worth it so Race 3 will have heeriye, Allah Duhai Hai, saansein hain duaan dhaan and party on on hai all these chartbuster songs which will make Race 3 a bonafide blockbuster and a 300cr grosser at the boxoffice

answered May 31 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,536 points)

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