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Presenting Selfish video song from RACE 3 featuring Megastar Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Bobby Deol.

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Song Credits:
Music Composer : Vishal Mishra
Lyrics : Salman Khan
Singers : Atif Aslam, Iulia Vantur
Additional Vocals : Vishal Mishra
Music Produced by Aditya Dev
Music Arranged by Aditya Dev & Vishal Mishra
Mixed & Mastered by Shadab Rayeen @ New edge
Recordings done at The Creative Factory, Aditya Dev Studios, VM Studios, Noizeboxx Studio, AMV Studios , YRF Studio by Vijay Dayal, Anas, Aditya Dev, Shubhansh Tiwari, Swatantra Sarode, Chinmaye and Rahul Sharma
Music Assistant : Shubhansh Tiwari
Strings by Bombay Orchestra
Guitars by Sanjoy Das, Amandeep Singh, Krishna.
Flute - Tejas Venchurkar
Saxophone( Alto , Tenor) - ID Rao
Vocal Design : Anil Dhule, Vishal Mishra
Backing Vocals by Shailendra Mishra, Vijay Ojha.
Music Supervision : Gaurav Vaswani
Music Assistant at VM Studios : Akash Ojha
Mix Assistants : Abhishek Sorte, Dhananjay Khapekar
Project Coordinated by Mayur Hasija & Paawon Bharadwaj
Legal by Abhijeet Shukla (AKS JURIS & CO.)

Movie Credits:
Salman Khan Films & Tips Industries Limited. Present
Directed by: Remo D'Souza
Produced by: Ramesh S. Taurani and Salma Khan     

Anil Kapoor
Salman Khan
Jacqueline Fernandez
Bobby Deol
Daisy Shah
Saqib Saleem
Freddy Daruwala

Director of Photography: Ayananka Bose
Story & Screenplay: Shiraz Ahmed
Dialogues:  Shiraz Ahmed & Kiran Kotrial
Choreographers: Remo D’Souza, Rahul Shetty & Kruti Mahesh
Action Directors: Anl Arasu & Thomas Struthers
Editor: Steven Bernard
Production Designer: Rajnish Hedao (Acropolis)
Background Score:  Salim Sulaiman
Sound Designers:  Parikshit Lalwani & Kunal Mehta
Associate Producers: Yogendra Mogre & Jaya Taurani
Costumes:  Manish Malhotra, Alvira Khan Agnihotri & Ashley Rebello, Anaita Shroff Adajania, Akshay Tyagi, Rhea Kapoor & Abhilasha Devnani
Casting Director: Mukesh Chhabra
Visual Promotions: Trigger Happy
Media Consultant: Spice
3D, DI & VFX: Prime Focus / DNEG

Song Lyrics:
Aao Ji , Mera Hath Thamo Ji
Mere Sang Sang Chalo   Aur
Wahan Baitho Na

Aur Thoda Wahan Tasalli Se
Apne Khayalat Ko Share Karo Na
Ek Baar Baby Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na
Ek Baar Baby Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na
Ek Baar Baby Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na

Chehre Pe Aapke , Muskaan Hai
Phir Ankhon Me Kyon Hai Nami
Khush To Bohot Hain
Phir Bhi Na Jane Kyu , Thodi Si Hai Kami
Aao Na Jo Bhi Baqi Kami Hai
Usko Mita De , Ek Bar Hi , Aitbar Kar
Hamesha Hamesha Ke Liye So
Ek Bar Baby , Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na
Ek Bar Baby , Selfish Hoke Apne Liye Jiyo Na
asked May 25 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (258,532 points)
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18 Answers

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Initially I liked only the chorus but now i am really liking this song. Such a sweet and simple song. Atif voice suits the song perfectly. Video is also sweet and pleasing to the eyes. Plus to Salman Khan for the lyrics as well. Overall thumps up from my side. It’s better than hiriye for me. I will give this song 4 stars and hiriye 3 stars. Waiting for allah duhai hai

answered May 25 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,074 points)
selected May 29 by suhas
+2 votes

Haters have abdomen pain by this song but Legendary acting in Dhoom 3 is ok with them

answered May 25 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,530 points)

Haters? Salman Fans Are Themself Abusing Salman Cant You See On Twitter How Much Hate Comments Salman Fans Are Passing On Salman


+2 votes

Atif Aslam to his mom

Maa! Meri shaktiyon ka galat istemal hua hai

answered May 25 by bollyranga Production Designer (12,186 points)

Comments bi dusron ki copy karta hai tu..

So what I'm not claiming that this is my original comment.

Jab fans apane fav ki style copy karte tab to kuch nahi kehta. Saala pura fandom hi bekar hai

Log khud to kuch achieve nahi karte and dusro ke achievement pe fight karte rehte hai

1st line k gud case closed
2nd line favs ki style copy.. oh bhai kya nasha kiye ho..
3rd line achievement.. bhai tune pakka nasha kiya hai woh bi sasti wali....

+1 vote

Song is ridiculous and pretty lame. Visuals are good. Better to wait for the other songs to be released

answered May 25 by Intense Director (122,094 points)
+1 vote

I think I will get a lot of hate for saying this but this is the perfect example of a beautifully picturized video(expect the Daisy parts) being ruined by a below average song. With Race 3 as a fan I am so disappointed in Salman atleast in Tubelight he was trying to do something different.
With Race 3 announcement I was so excited to see Salman in Race universe but disappointed when I realized that Salman Universe has consumed Race Universe.
With Race what has Salman done is ,he has underestimated his fans , I think he thought we will not accept him being Sal-man in Race Universe.

I just gasp at the possibility of what could have been.

Of course final judgement are reserved for theater ,I hope I get glimpses of what I imagined Salman in a Race movie would be.

answered May 25 by Galeon Set Decorator (1,459 points)

i kind of get what you are saying..... you wanted salman khan with grey character..... like other race movies or like the reports and rumors suggested.... and here in trailer and songs it looks like a revamped version of bodyguard ....
it may not be what you expect it to be .... when you see it in theater.... or it just might be exactly what you wanted... because they didn't reveal anything important to the story and characters in the trailer

Yes the last hope is that they have not revealed much , I think from now on only direction Race 3 can go is upwards.

nope..... it can go either way...... more chances of it going downwards .... further. the reason why i didn't like race 2 is because they were over doing what race did to perfection......and i suspect...same willl be carried here in part 3........which is why... big hopes shouldn't be associated with the movie....

some things are obvious here...
salman khan's character is gonna win in the end..... the only thing which will make or break the movie is making audience believe.... that his struggle was real..... and not just a convenient plot demand..... which was donne to perfection in BB, TZH, SULTAN....and i doubt ..... if remo has that talent.

+1 vote

You don't need enemies when you yourself are gonna write such songs and release them

answered May 25 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,572 points)
0 votes

The best thing of Race 3 is visuals n cinematography.. till nw its above my expectation in all.. thats y here in selfish visuals making average song to like okay song... lyrics could be better without words like aaoji, waha betona. N share karo na.... lyrics like giving feeling of jaaneman songs like ajnabee n hamko malum hai.. at 0.45 daisy face n lulia voice was terrible.. voice n face giving feelibg of lady boy... well its look like dream song of bobby .... here salman portion might be past recalling of salman jackqline love bond. . Overall very average song but wil look gud on screen due to visuals.m

answered May 25 by playboy Production Accountant (29,947 points)
0 votes

Underwhelming 2/5 ...when I go to see a fast paced film, I don't wish to see such slow song.. Race 2 had be inteha, but it was much better. ..here tune is not matching the lyrics or vice versa.

answered May 25 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,784 points)
0 votes

What the hell is this! Ye Kya karaya Atif se! LMFAO!!!!!!

answered May 25 by Sanal Star (142,498 points)
0 votes

Video is excellent but same cant be said for song

answered May 25 by Santosh Camera Operator (8,499 points)
0 votes

Pathetic song. the worst of Atif.

answered May 25 by God Father Production Accountant (21,739 points)
0 votes

Hahahahahahahahaha ye kya bakchodi hai?????? Utter crap, maha-wahiyat.........

answered May 25 by saransh Unit Manager (30,963 points)

Lekin tukur tukur se kam.....

0 votes

Fuddu Song.... Kya hai ye?? Salman Bhai don't ruin your own movies, keep away from lyrics....

Even choreography is pathetic.... and this has best choreographer as director

answered May 25 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,815 points)
0 votes

Salman should stay away from lyrics department.

And jo bhi ho... hum salman fans sab milkar at least 4 cr se upar ki toh opening de hi denge

Baki saroook fans bhi lage huye hain.. bhai phurrrrrrrrr bhul gaye lagta hai

answered May 25 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,675 points)
0 votes

Sallu is in a zone that all big stars/directors/writers usually go into, where no one has the courage to say no to them.

He already does whatever he wants, but this time he wrote this and no one could say no to him. And even now I'm sure no one close to him is telling him how bad the song is.

Hopefully he realizes it himself, because otherwise he's digging his own grave.

Maybe even Atif couldn't say no.

answered May 25 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,131 points)

"because otherwise he's digging his own grave."

he's usinng his super power .... of crowd pulling to do whatever he wants and it becomes hit...... how is that a disadvantage???
its like saying.... hey tony stark....dont use your ironman armor...or else you will become powerful...and will be able to fly ....

other than that stupid line.......... allllll yupppppppp agreed

0 votes

A melodious number .

answered May 25 by shah Executive Producer (61,552 points)
0 votes

well, to every skeptic's surprise....this song too has become a chartbuster.

answered May 25 by Grand Nova Star (150,338 points)
–4 votes

Meanwhile Salman Fans Are Abusing Salman Himself Roflmfao

answered May 25 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,175 points)
edited May 25 by Rancho

lol just go on twitter and search his ID I know him very well hence posted it Im not a fool to randomly Post Things Also See The News Article From NDTV.

And This Guy Is Indeed a Moron Jis Thali Mei Khaya Usi Mei Ched Kiya Not Only Him Many Such Salman Fans Are There Jaake Khud Dekh Lo Donot Blame Me Blame Your Fellow Mates!

You shared the link. You should know rebellion never tweeted that. It's photoshopped.


There is way a fan will criticize his favorites work. The above ones aren't.

Its not photoshopped at all he himself tweeted it and later deleted his own tweet and now is acting

Salman fans themself admit he spreaded negetivity