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Zero showed a 12% drop in collections on its second day as it collected 17 crore nett apprx. This takes the business of the film to nearly 36.50 crore nett. The film really needed to grow on Saturday as though Friday was a decent opening day number as a whole it was not good enough for this film.

The surprise is UP and Bihar and these areas actually could do well as when a film falls 12% on an all India level then these areas fall 20% but here the fall in UP and Bihar is less than the major multiplexes and that too on a Saturday. It wont make much difference to the overall picture because in terms of collections they are just 12-15% of all India.

The worst performance is Gujarat which is not doing much more business than Rajasthan when it should be double. Normally these two trend pretty similar but not for Zero The two day figures for Zero are as follows..

Friday - 19,35,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 17,00,00,000 apprx

TOTAL - 36,35,00,000 apprx

There should be growth on Sunday but its unlikely that it will be 30-40% and may have to settle for collections in the range of the first day which would mean a 55 crore nett weekend which is poor number for such a film.

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Sunday has to touch 25cr at any close to make a fight of it. Or else the movie will sink badly by the time xmas sets in.

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Wom is very bad no chance of crossing 20 cr today

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See the chaplusi in the article.. if such collection was from salman aamir movie then thier tone would be different.... thats y he called pr made star..

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With very negative wom it's not crossing 20 cr figure today

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Fri - 19
Sat - 17
Sun - 15
Mon - 7.5
Tue - 10
Wed - 4
Thu - 3.5

Week 1 - 76 cr
Week 2 - 10 cr
Lifetime - >90 cr

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7.5 cr on Monday with this bad wom , it won't be above 5


Holiday season.


Because holiday benefit in evening shows and Atp is high in first 5 days.

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55 crore nett weekend which is poor number for such a film

After Final Update 2 Days Collection Will Be 35 Crs

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Why don't BOI call these numbers a DISASTER directly instead of Poor numbers? Coz srk's PR at its best even Zero deserves Disaster verdict but BOI will at max declare it An FLOP

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Boi licking tier4 star feet

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