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Selfish full song from Race 3 penned by Megastar Salman Khan is out on Gaana.

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377 views asked May 24 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (258,532 points)
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It's terrible!

yeah they usually are but then again...audience... likes this stuff.

Grand audience likes this stuff?? Aare bhai log itne bi pagal nai hai.... its terrible..

bht bht terrible cheezein logon ko pasand aati hain..... jo cheez trend ho rahi ho ... bus wohi chalti hai..... achi ya buri ka kuch laina daina nahe hota.
mjhe personally song .... terrrible se bhe 2 haaath aagay laga hai.... its beyond terrible..... but atif aslam ka gana .... hit hona is a given thing.

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Yet to hear. This time again I won't judge it in the first hearing like heeriye.

answered May 24 by Intense Director (122,094 points)
selected May 29 by suhas
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Salman is heading into a zone where eventually he will do everything in a movie. Acting, producing, directing, distributing, writing, composing.

And let me tell you right now, that will be the worst movie in the world. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

answered May 24 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,131 points)
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It is mediocre at best.

I believe Bhai should stick to what he does best that is entertain us. Leave all these things to professionals.

Hangover was something special he did. Will be a miracle if he were to replicate that kind of work in music field.

I hope next releasing songs are better. Also heard about Iulia getting a shot in the big leagues but whatever I've heard of her, she's just a woman supported by the big megastar with no apparent skills a la katrina kaif.

Salman is at his peak and he should focus on what's best for him.

answered May 24 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,675 points)

On A Side Note:

I Consider Only Them As Female Superstars:

Hema Malini

Replace her with deepika, Jacky or Aliya in dhoom3 and see what difference does it make

That is my whole point.

She danced and looked hot in JTHJ.. what was the end result? What I'm saying is, she's replaceable unlike deeps in padmavat or aliya in Raazi.

The fluke of success was exposed when she started working with younger heroes thinking she can pull it off on her own. Results are in front. Anyway we are deviating from base topic.

I just wish and hope Salman tries to help a genuine acting talent in future.

Are I Know Katrina Cant Pull Movies Solely On Her Own But So Cant Most Big Actress.
All Im Saying Is That The Success Which She Has And Will Have In Her Filmography Will Be Enough To Place Her Among Most Successful Actress Of All Time And She Is Also Considered As A Top Female Star Anyways By Trade.

Salman Can Help Any Talent He Likes That Wont Be An Issue Until He Himself Faces A Loss Bcz Of That Talent!

Katrina’s success is solely Salman’s doing. I agree with Seinfeld. Most girls have taken advantage of Salman’s nature and made their careers

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This is some Gammy level stuff.

answered May 24 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,572 points)
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One Can Write Such A Masterpiece Only When He Is High On Stash.

answered May 24 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,747 points)
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just need two more chartbuster...and need'em as soon as possible...to grow on audience

answered May 24 by Grand Nova Star (150,338 points)
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No comments
Hopeful​ about sansein hui dhuyan & Allahduhai hai

answered May 24 by Roman Production Designer (12,088 points)
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Chorus sounds good. Other parts are average.

answered May 24 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,074 points)
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I hate such khujli acts of salman.... bhai dusri cheezo mae ugli kyun karte ho.. atif voice ruined for this pathetic song.... lyrics n musics are equally bad... terrible.. if heeriye is 10 then this shit -10.. i stoped listening in middle.. hope this song is not in movie.. my first thing after trailer n heeriye song which i disliked....

answered May 24 by playboy Production Accountant (29,947 points)

It's not ungli. Salman Khan even before an actor was always a writer & wannabe director. Atleast at this point he has the power to pursue what he want. Give it a shot.

They can't delete this song as it's part of the core plot. Deleting this song will keep Bobby Deol - Jacqueline angle fail badly. It's an Hindi film & songs are needed for the drama. Can't simply reveal stuff with just a dialogue. Afterall she plays a cop (or equivalent designation in security forces). To keep the tension between Bobby & Salman's character who are supposedly best friends is much needed. Afterall what is Race without suspense & twists.

As I was saying it's ridiculous. In a funny sort of way.....this song. Lulia sounds funny and atif is pretty ordinary too. Beats are good but the song overall is