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My data is my data. None of your data. Now Mumbai Police to joins in the trend to promote Race to Safety.

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Source Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/MumbaiPolice/status/999144193045000192
asked May 23 in General by suhas All Time best! (258,532 points)
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Congress in Karnataka ....


answered May 25 by Irdwhelp Editor (82,435 points)
selected May 29 by suhas
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She can make up for that disastrous jai ho with this dialogue.

answered May 23 by Intense Director (122,094 points)

Jai Ho still a better film than many hits. Daisy's performance was still better than every Katrina's performance this decade.

its not always about acting .... katrina atleast have some personality daisy is not a diva neither beautiful, if acting is the only option bro then even salman doesnt have enough acting skills . its his action persona thats famous among his fan following

Suhas what are you comparing man? As I am lost soul said katrina has looks and Dance skills......atleast something. Daisy looks horrible , zero personality too. It's just that having the right contact is helping her

It's not about "enough" acting skills. Salman Khan's acting skills are good enough to pull his film. Audience don't call it as "personality" or "attitude". May be for the walking style or similar one they might, rest all will fall under the "acting" derivative only.

Sure, Katrina has the looks & the diva persona. Which is the reason she got successful & was the preference to bigger production houses.

I standby the fact that Daisy is a better actress than Katrina. Also the desi factor. She doesn't have to be "made" to look Indian unlike Katrina. So the "naturality" factor comes out as an advantage to Daisy.

Coming back to Salman, fans will like many things. In the end, be it fans or general audience will judge him, like him as an "actor" only. Whichever film of his, it's the "acting" people talk about. Bhai ne kya shirt utara, bhai ka swag is not the only thing they say or see. 120 odd minutes film, the style/swag will make up for few seconds at most. Hope this clarifies.

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