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Don 3
Saare Jahan Se Achcha
A movie with SLB
Reunion with Farah Khan
Any regular masala movie, without VFX and too much ambition
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You voted for Farah Khan reunion


Yeah, that was me

I really want that to happen.

Btw who hid this post?

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anything which doesn't has rce associated with it and with someone who is not awed by his persona and keep his own

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The last option. He needs to stop trying too hard. Or a movie with slb is also an amazing option.

answered by Super-star (171k points)

sallu fans speaking of acting kya din aa gaye hain


The king khan kyun oscar winning acting karne wala srk fans hi baat kar sakte hai kya...


as i said kya din aa gaye hai


Ha yrr kya din aagye hai JHMS 60cr
Zero 20cr opening lifetime bhi 100cr muskil se lag rha hai

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Sir? Sir bahut shareef lagta hai, call me.....

This movie.

answered by Mega Star (225k points)

ARM just gave Sarkar which crossed mersal as the highest grossing movie in Tamil Nadu
When in form he can give huge Blockbuster


m talking about reviews an spyder was a disaster


To great reviews wale directors ke saath kya ukhad gaya?

Needs to do simple action movies with love story just in sub plot, not main plot. Infact love story shouldn't be main plot in his movies ever.


Agree with @TB he needs to stop doing romantic films

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Saare jahan se acha although it is risky but he needs a quality movie to regain the trust of the audience

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As I said before stop trying so hard. VFX team ko toh dhur hi raakho.

answered by Editor (80.3k points)

VFX is not the problem, rest of RCE involvement is. Infact RCE VFX is only RCE team that does good job.

Problem is not concentrating on story & editing.


VFX is a problem. Coz the directors know SRK has a good VFX team. They want to try some out of the box stuff with VFX. FAN & ZERO are prime example. Specially in ZERO. SRK being a dwarf is wasted with no storyline.

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I want a movie like Dear Zindagi where he is just being an actor instead of being an hero . When he is hero in the film ,he mostly hams but when he is an actor in the film ,he is just too good

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Since the inception of IPL ,Shahrukh lost his track..... Yes there is Rab ne and CE but that's not enough considering how Ace Aamir sir gave back to back atgs.
It's all over

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None sab kuch try karliya srk ab kuch bachch hi nai...its high time to sit in home n concentrate on ipl n vfx

answered by Unit Manager (33.7k points)
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Noone interested in stardomless actor

answered by Casting Director (18.2k points)

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