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Star Power of SRK/AAMIR is not enough??

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Recently BOI was asked how much DEAR ZINDAGI & SECRET SUPERSTAR had Srk & Aamir's contribution to whatever those films earned. BOI replied with 80% Srk & 95% Aamir's contribution.

Dear Zindagi = Semi-Hit = 66.46 Cr

Secret Superstar = Average = 62.63 Cr

Both the films couldn't get HIT Verdict despite having Industry's 2nd & 3rd Biggest MIGHTY KHANS

while in comparison

Raid & Raazi = Both similar Genre & Received almost similar Reviews (in some Above Khan films get much higher reviews) = are not only Clean HITs But a CENTURY Scorer.

Raid = 98 Cr = HIT = Ajay Devgn [5th Biggest Star]

Raazi = 110-115 Cr Expected = Blockbuster = Alia Bhatt [Recently debut as No.1 female Star]

Why can't STAR POWER of SRK & AAMIR pull off same kind of films despite getting much bigger HYPE, Release, Reviews & in SS case even Diwali Holidays?

asked May 21 in Box Office Related by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,893 points)
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Because both Aamir & Shah Rukh weren't the lead in those films. And you're comparing with Raid having Ajay in the lead.

Ofcourse Dear Zindagi had Srk in a significant role but it wasn't marketed as Srk's film. Secret Superstar right from the announcement, careful marketing happened declaring Aamir is not in the main role. And when the hype didn't increase they put forth a campaign separately to show how Aamir got ready for the character & an entire song was shot on him used in after credits.

Both the films have huge % of contribution for these 2 stars, this excuse of not having main lead won't work coz they were projected as their films. Wasn't SS released on much bigger scale which it shouldn't as that genre or kind of films don't release on big scale, but coz of Aamir, they did it on big scale.

Star power of both Srk/Aamir are much bigger that Ajay/Alia or even SKTKS kind of stars, yet both the films couldn't even manage a HIT tag.

Alia Bhatt with Srk gives Semi-Hit

Alia Bhatt without Srk gives Blockbuster

Even if we consider Main Lead, Aamir's Talaash was Semi-Hit with 93 Cr Business, which is also not clean hit & no Century scorer, same genre.

Better check business of Marigold, which did less collection than Rakhi Sawant movie

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though question is right and plausible. The backbone of question is a bit sketchy.

You could just say that they don't command a fan following as big as Megastar and do not boast of opening records which Megastar owns.

Done and done.

answered May 21 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,174 points)
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You do know that what verdict a movie gets depend upon it's lifetime collection, prices, shares, pretty much whatever it's economics stand at the end of it's theatrical run..??

answered May 21 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,984 points)
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what logic is this? a movie runs only on star power according to you?

A few months before Raid, Ajay had Baadshaho, a full on masala movie, same heroine and even a supporting actor like Emraan Hashmi, yet it did 30cr less. So why wasn't Ajay's star power enough to pull the movie?

On the other hand, Golmaal Again did 205cr, so who is going to get the credit for that movie? Does that mean Ajay's star power was not enough for Raid? He needs Tushar Kapoor to give 200cr?

It's about the kind of movie it is (masala or niche or something else), the reception it gets (WOM), and many, many other factors.

answered May 21 by mr.hola Assistant Director (46,252 points)