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And as expected Bhaijaan stands up for Daisy Shah. Our business is our business, none of your business. Take that.

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Sirf on screen mein hi Sikandar nahi hai woh.
asked May 21 in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (259,214 points)
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Wah bhai wah dost ho toh Salman bhai jaisa... i think race team should use as promotion trick in reality show wen they go to promote... ye troll itself will be biggest promotion trick...

answered May 21 by playboy Unit Manager (30,107 points)
selected May 29 by suhas
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Poor Daisy is trolled for a Reason which she isn't responsible, It should be SHIRAZ AHMED who should be trolled if ppl didn't like the DIALOUGE.

Daisy is at receiving end for no reason, even Salman fans bash her mercilessly for no reason. It's high time ppl should know how to differentiate between a harmless fun troll & baseless hatred towards a celeb who hasn't done anything wrong to their fav star or anyone.

answered May 21 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,075 points)

Ya Shiraz is responsible for that dialouge & not daisy, if ppl felt it's so stupid, address it to the guy who wrote it, why trolling a female character who is just speaking what he wrotes.

Working for 20 years doesn't mean he can't miss or write something which will be trolled, i loved the dialouge, but Trolling is done majorly for this line. He should come forward & own it.

Shiraz wrote for the entire film. Why would he care for one dialogue that too in the trailer? It is not like he wrote just that line. That's just a glimpse from a bigger scene.

Why would any writer need to take such criticism without having their entire work witnessed, seriously. He will wait till June 15th for his work to be judged. Trailers are just ads.

For his 1 line, a Heroine is humiliated publicly, it was his job to give dialogues which shouldn't have been trolled so badly for 1 female star.

Told you na, Daisy is consistently abused harrassed since last year. Dialogue is not the reason.

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Yep Bhai is superman for his loved and trusted ones. It's this sort of backing which helps such wannabes

answered May 21 by Intense Director (123,429 points)

Don't get the "wannabe" part. People spend their lives waiting for a chance. They'll know what it means to get a chance & again be backed up.

Daisy Shah, if she is a better actress or not is left for one's perception. I for one, easily find her to be a better actress than Katrina. Mainly coz of her desi background (probably racist to say but still). In the end, she has made an identity for herself. What Salman gave her is a chance not bheekh. She got it because he felt she deserved it & so will she too.

It's not like she woke up & went to the sets without any rehearsals or preparstions. She worked hard at the job she was offered. This is what internet wannabees forgot while trolling her or abusing her. Criticize her for her work alone. Nothing beyond.

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He is Salman Khan. Enough said.

answered May 21 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (10,022 points)
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Bhaijaan Ho To Aisa.

answered May 21 by shah Executive Producer (62,155 points)
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He didn't stood up, he was sitting in his car, now coming to dialogue, it's either him standing up (not physically) or mocking the dialogue itself, himself knowing how corny it is.

Note to people - Mocking a dialogue does not automatically mean mocking the actor or actress who said that.

answered May 21 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (206,559 points)

@TB you also know how Daisy is being trolled, abused, harrassed since last year. She has been harrassed in every possible inhumane manner. It wasn't just Salman Khan whom losers tweeted "wish he was dead instead of Sridevi" but Salman fans also trended the same for Daisy.

He was not going to stay silent forever. Sure he also instructed her to not react. But couple of days, she gave out a stern statement to all the losers on Instagram. Remo D Souza came out in support & now it's Bhaijaan. Ofcourse it is no surprise. He will always protect her.

Yeah, it's a shame how she's been attacked, some people even attacking her on basis of caste too, such a shame.

Thunder i expected u wil say this.. loosers say expect bi kya kar sakte ho...

You make casteist remarks, you are among the last of users who should call others loosers.

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