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With Eid falling on Saturday looks like for the first time a Holly movie will be the biggest Opener of the year?

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Eid will most probably fall on Saturday, so crossing 31cr of Avengers on a nonholiday Pre Eid seems difficult.
Probability​of Thugs has also been ruled out as it will release on prediwali day.
So for the first time we could witness a Holly movie topping the opening charts despite the release of all top Stars (Salman, Aamir,Srk,Akki,Ajay, Ranbir, Varun, Ranveer,Tiger)
We could witness the same scenario next year as well as bharat is releasing on Pre Eid nonholiday & Kick2 is a nonholiday release
asked May 19 in Predictions by Roman Production Designer (12,088 points)
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this is Salman Khan.....trust him to do it......30cr is a very real possibility and seeing his stardom he has to do it........there is quite an invasion from Hollywood which isn’t good news for us

answered May 19 by Intense Director (122,094 points)
selected May 19 by Roman

31cr on a Pre Eid nonholiday is also huge bro.
Iam not underestimating him,i have trust on him that's why expecting this much.
TZH opened to 34cr on nonholiday, with Pre Eid effect (15-20%) 31cr is a very good result which is equivalent to 45+ on a national holiday.

Bro I am expecting race 3 to match avengers. I know too many expectations are bad......But Salman can do it. We need it. Or else Hollywood will totally overshadow us

+2 votes

If Salman Khan can’t pull in crowd more than that Holywood shit, it will be a disgrace.

Holiday or no holiday, it should do more than 31 cr

answered May 19 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,675 points)

On a normal nonholiday Salman would have done that.
But with Pre Eid effects, this type of starcast, mixed response to trailer chances are 50:50.
On Eid it would have crossed 45+

+2 votes

Race 3 will do 30+ on Friday mark my words and this time Eid is looking on Friday coz since 2014 we observing 30 rozaz so it's a high possibility that this time rozaz will be 29

answered May 19 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,530 points)

Yes 29-31cr(considering Pre Eid day release)
Will be in the range of Avengers

Nope it will be more than avengers mark it but I am feeling Eid on Friday itself so 50cr is on for Eid day

Hmm let's see

+2 votes

Race 3 first day - 35 cr (non holiday)
Race 3 first day - 45 cr (holiday)

answered May 19 by Ajay Casting Director (17,686 points)

response to the trailer is far more positive than TZH........ internet has always been against salman khan starrers...... but yup....the trailer response to race 3 is better than kick's and little lower than dabangg's.

I don't agree with the fact of star cast coz, dabangg, ghajini, kick, tzh, dangal, golmaal series, baghi 2, razi etc all the examples of ordinary casted movies and 2nd think plz make your facts right Race 3 trailer has gotten more appreciation than Kick and In my point of view it is only second to dabangg in recent years or u can say on par with TZH , plz go outside of social media then u will get to know the response and appreciation of Race 3 trailer, social media been always against Megastar Salman Khan nothing new in it

Leave it,i will be more than happy if it actually collects according to your prediction.
Baaghi2 had Prateik Deepak Manoj Randeep
Kick had Randeep nawaz sourabh mithun
Tzh had also good starcast.
Iam not commenting looking at the social media perception,Race is not a brand.
Scale & Action has been appreciated else & regarding TZH it got 34cr on nonholiday with Pre Eid effect it will be around 30-31 only so that's what iam expecting from Race3 also

Race 3 touch 35 cr mark on pre eid mark my word.

+2 votes

there is a chance that eid will fall on saturday .... but the bigger chance is eid falling on friday..... since i think from past many years ...there have been 30 days in ramadan..... and this does not happen that often....if at all. so don't put your hopes on eid being on saturday.
anways ...even if race 3 releases on pre eid...day 1 will be 35cr and if it releases on eid day ...day 1 will be close to 55cr.

answered May 19 by Grand Nova Star (150,338 points)

edit :: if race 3 was not releasing in 3D then yeah .... 30 odd crore would have been its target for opening day.... but since it is..... the release size is gonna go really up.....
closest match ...race 3 has is with kick.....both are similar situations.....
kick did 25cr aprox. on 3800 screens i think which means.... 28cr-29cr adjusting for inflation and GST .......... race 3 will be releasing on close to 5200 screens.... with benefit of GST and 3D ......

+1 vote

Race 3 will probably do 29-31 crores ut Thugs should easily cross 35 crores.

answered May 19 by sanjeev11 Editor (83,074 points)

Thugs is coming on pre Diwali. Diwali is the biggest festival in India. So 25cr will also be good enough

Any big yrf movie starring Salman or Aamir aling with Amitabh and Katrina will see clise to record breaking opening.

Yes we saw the clise last year with Secret bro don't be delusional even 27cr is bit difficult for thugs on Diwali day and u are demanding too much which can't be given

Diwali is the biggest festival in India. Pre Diwali or Diwali day 25cr will be good enough for thugs. Post Diwali records break. Not before it

–2 votes

Offcourse it wouldn't, if it releases in 2000 screens, but we all know that Race 3 will release in 4500+ screens with shiny 3D effects (needless too, I must add), it should easily be able to cross Avengers Infinity War.

answered May 19 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,572 points)

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