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The legendary Khans trio is ruling the industry from last 3 decades. Hrithik was the only one who somehow challenged them but was unable to dethrone them.
This year all of them failed to match the humongous expectations, probably for the first time in 30 years. Though their stardom & legacy is too big to be affected by these duds but as you all know 'End is a part of the Journey' so it might be the begining of the end.
Aamir may go for that series & that ll be more or less the end of his career as a lead hero.
Srk is unable to deliever from many years & his next ll probably come in 2020 & that again is a risky vfx loaded space drama with a movie old director.
Salman next is a risky drama, Bharat. Though Ali has delievered in the past big time but this time the story isn't his own & Sallu is the one who gave it to Ali & asked him to direct. Law of averages is likely to come into play. Then, Dabangg3!
Hrithik is playing like a 2 year baby with his career & stardom. His next Super30 is already in trouble & looks niche while HvT is from Yrf directed by that shitty director.
As I said that its not that these Superstars are finished but it might just be the start.
Ranbir's Sanju scored the most at BO coz of Hirani & next year again He can deliever HGOTY coz of Ayan & Karan.
May be....ufff.... I can't imagine that dark day
in General by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
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As you said part of the journey is the end
It will happen it is inevitable
But i just hope that they continue to rule for as long as they can
Also with them the star system will go nobody will rule bollywood after them it will be content

by Assistant Director (40.7k points)
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Salman is bigger than bollywood

by Camera Operator (11.5k points)

Santosh no one is bigger than bollywood. Everyone has an end Someday.


Lol who else has given 100cr weekend except two masterpiece movies dangal and sanju?


than neither srk or aamir had a decade like 2000-2009 , u cant count just 1 decade


@thekingkhan tune question padha ya yu hi comment mardiya

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by Location Scout (3.2k points)
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Ranbir can deliver hgoty coz of ayan and karan.....dark day......You sir are a man of fine tastes as you can recognise the mediocrity around you. Salute.

Coming to the issue, hrithik is no longer a movie hero, he's more interested in selling gym products, fitness food, workout tips etc. Waste of stardom. As for Khans yes indeed beginning of the end is in place. All I want is a final hurrah from these guys in the next 3 years.

by Director (132k points)

Haha.. I can feel the frustration.. But trust me he will come back strong...he has a handsome face, perfect superstar material and v strong in action genre... So dont worry.. Have patience


I want to bro. S30 I feel won't work much. Hvt will go the thugs way. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

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I Just Want Aamir To Do 14 Feature Films In In Next 2 Decades Of The Career That He Has, Atleast 7 Of Them Can Be Lead Role And 7 Can Be Supoorting Roles. 7 Films Per Decade Is Minimum That He Should Do!

by Unit Manager (32.9k points)
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this is my most fav aamir movie after aaa , dont know what to expect


John Ka Acting Aur Expression Sab Jante Hi Hain Kaisa Hota Hai

Fingers Crossed!


yes fc

–1 vote

I can imagine each of the Khans making a proper comeback in the next 2 years, but what does it matter? Age is catching up, they'll be out soon anyway. I just wanted a good movie from SRK before that happened, but seems kismat main nahi hai.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)