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Race 3 Will Be One Of The BEST Films In Its Genre Says Sanju Actress Dia Mirza.

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Dia, who will be seen alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the biopic, was asked about her excitement over the film to which she replied, “We are all very excited for ‘Sanju‘ and we can’t wait for the (promotional) campaign to unveil. the trailer will be out soon and everyone will see it together.” Dia said.

When asked if she has had the chance to check the Race 3 trailer released on Wednesday, Dia said, “‘Race 3‘ is looking big and the action in the trailer is looking amazing. I am very sure that in the genre, ‘Race 3‘ will be one of the best films.”
Source Link: http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/race-3-will-be-one-of-the-best-films-in-its-genre-says-sanju-actress-dia-mirza/amp/?
asked 6 days ago in Movie Discussions by suhas All Time best! (255,656 points)
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Dia Didi in sanju.. Now I have to see it.

6 Answers

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What I most want is race 3 to the badass sort of stuff that it is.......I don't want to see a sanitised it's all about loving your family sort of thing. They will have major twists for sure....Hope Salman is shown a little twisted or evil...

answered 6 days ago by Intense Producer (117,639 points)
selected 3 days ago by suhas

I can tell youbtwo. Family goes against Salman. Bobby is secretly still on Salman's side

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ok look this is such a vague statement to make.....
first of all she didn't clarfiy which genre does she think race 3 belong to?!?!?
boxofficeindia will put it in a thriller genre....
charlie runkle will put it in a crime mystery genre .....
i will put it in a masala genre....

so what she said is.... race 3 will be one of the best of its genre....... which again ...means....it will be one of the best masala movies..... or crime mystery .... or thriller.....
furthermore "one of the best" also means..... among top 10 or top 5 .... which also means may be the 10th or 5th respectively ..... and we dont even have whole lot of good movies in these genres.....

rounding up..... she doesn't know anything....so don't believe her.

i'll tell you how to make a statement.... race 3 will be highest grossing movie with lowest critical acclaim. and its opening records will remain as they are ...until dhoom 4.

answered 6 days ago by Grand Nova Star (148,636 points)

Correct Grandy.. If I don't spot cleavage and thigh show.. I will call it Criminal and put it in crime genre.

+1 vote

She never lies so yes it will be

answered 6 days ago by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,932 points)
+1 vote

I believe in dia didi...she is a responsible person.

answered 6 days ago by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,915 points)

+1 vote

Race3 is surely not an ordinary story to make audience dull

answered 6 days ago by shah Executive Producer (60,231 points)
+1 vote

Iam Expecting an engaging movie, anything more will be bonus

answered 6 days ago by Roman Camera Operator (10,193 points)

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