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You Asked It - What Is The Verdict Of October. [BOI]

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Q. Please can you tell me the final verdict of October?

R. Grover

A. It will depend on the final share. Average or Below Average depending on which side of 20 crore share it finishes.

Q. How much credit would you give Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan for the success of Dear Zindagi and Secret Superstar

J. Baria

A. As films they are bad so to get the average success they have it is down to these big stars. For Dear Zindagi it would be 80% Shahrukh Khan and 20% Alia Bhatt while Secret Superstar has only Aamir Khan so 100% down to him. Actually maybe 95% and Diwali release can be given 5%. The film could be 5-10 crore nett lifetime film without him due to poor content.

Q. You have Aamir Khan after Salman Khan in India rankings but a big magazine like Forbes has called Aamir Khan the biggest star in the World and surely this makes him bigger in India also

Moin Akhtar

A. When an Indian star working in HINDI is called the biggest star in the World (if it has been done) then that itself is a bit of joke. The only way you become the biggest star in the WORLD is by working in ENGLISH. The reach of the language is at a different level and for anyone to be even near the biggest star in the WORLD has to crack the North America and Europe markets. Aamir Khan or for that matter Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar have not done that . A case can be made for Aamir Khan being the biggest star in Asia due to the China results of his latest films but that depends on how big the Chinese stars as that market alone could make them the biggest stars in Asia without the support of any other markets. These articles probably use the World instead of Asia as Asia probably makes it look like a local star instead of a worldwide star. It becomes a bit like saying Shahrukh Khan is biggest in West Bengal or Aamir Khan is biggest in Mysore in the India prospective which makes them look regional when someone else is top in most other circuits of India.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3939
asked May 17 in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (260,178 points)
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IMO BOI is little bit lenient towards Varun and October. It should be declared flop.

Below average dega.

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As films they are bad. Whaat? DZ was ok but SS was a brilliant movie. What do BOI smoke and what exactly do they enjoy watching on screen? Item numbers and tiger shroff smoking villains with machine guns ?

answered May 17 by Intense Director (127,644 points)
selected May 21 by suhas

Lol. A tiger fan downvoted me. BOI should stick to verdicts. Their commentary is laughable.

Bad in the sense they didn't do well at the Boxoffice with just 65 cr range lifetime

That's what I meant. Is money the only way to judge a movie ? Shame on BOI for their commentary

Money is what they judge, if the investment they don't... Ra one is a hit only due to the money it collected. That's how boi works..... It's a big shame indeed.....

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To those who were asking about DZ & SS, 80% of 8.62 crs >> Whatever SS made on it's opening day, so naturally 90-95% would be lesser than whatever it made on opening day which is simple calculation unless you are so bad at maths that you can be humbled by a 2nd standard student, which, I cannot help you with.

answered May 17 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,825 points)
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Lol..world biggest star aamir khan..buhaaahaha

answered May 17 by Santosh Camera Operator (9,887 points)
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Aamir and srk are regional stars while Salman Khan is the all India level Megastar

answered May 17 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)

Aamir is not a regional star. It's salman who is a regional star. Aamir today is known all over the world especially in Asia.......

Read it again with me @Kashyap "When someone else is top in most other circuits of India"
Boi clearly said that Salman is no1 in most of the circuits of India
though nothing against Aamir/Srk.

Boi has hatred towards aamir since last 2-3 years, go through all the commentary, it's always been anti-aamir and anti-secret superstar. They were quiet when dangal did roaring business.

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