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When is Eid falling this year 15th or 16th?

+3 votes
asked 6 days ago in General by Santosh Camera Operator (8,177 points)
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15/16th june.

But high chance of 15th june!


2017 26th June

2016 7th July

2015 18th July

2014 29 July

2013 9th August

2012 20th August

2011 31st August

2010 11th September

It's not hard to guess 2018.
15th June has highest probability.

Ramzan has started from today.... So Eid will be on 16th June.

4 Answers

+2 votes

That Will Be Decided Post Movie's Release.

answered 6 days ago by Rajat Production Accountant (27,284 points)

@Rancho, These Local Fans Can't Get The Sarcasm. LOL!

What sarcasm?? I am asking is eid falling on 15 or 16 .what is need of sarcasm here?Its like u better check up ur body.U may have some problem or u didn't understand english.

Get Yourself A Busy Living, Mate. Or Rather A Busy Dying.

I just hope u dont degrade to that level when someone ask ur name and u are being sarcastic and answer the same way you have for my question

+2 votes

Eid will fall this year on Saturday that is 16th May.

It's similar to Bajrangi Bhaijaan release

answered 6 days ago by iamkhan8970 Producer (108,556 points)

Correct your answer, its 16th July.

*june lol

Ya, thanks for correcting me too

+1 vote

I dont know what im missing .... but if you are counting today as the first day of ramadan ... which you should ...since it is.

Then 14th june becomes last day of ramadan .. which is thursday. So friday should be eid day

answered 6 days ago by Grand Nova Star (148,507 points)

14th ko Eid kaise ho sakta hai? 28 rozay honge kya? Chand ka deedar mushkil se raat 9 baje ko hua tha..iska matlab 30 rozay honge aur Eid Saturday 16th June ko hoga.

@Tiger read again @Grand nova is saying that Friday 15th june could be the Eid day if Ramazan last for 29 days ...

My bad! Should have read properly

+1 vote

will be best if it falls on saturday... salman will ensure record opener and eid will help on second day

answered 5 days ago by Seinfeld Camera Operator (8,589 points)

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