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Offtopic: Is anyone following Karnataka elections? It's damn entertaining

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I Think India Is Moving On A Similar Path On Which America, Germany, France, China, Italy, Russia Moved.

In Future It Seems BJP Will Form Government At Centre As Well As All States Plus Union Territories And Then The Real Game Will Start.

The Entire Nation Is Burning Now, Intolerance Is Too High, Hatred Has Increased Among Different Communities.
But All This Will Reach At It Peak In Next 5-10 Years And Then Something Big Might Happen Like Civil War And That May Make Or Break India. History Says More Often Than Not It Makes Nation Stronger And Its A Natural Phenomenon Happed With Many Countries.

Its Sad To See Present Condition At One Point Seeing Our Economic Growth In Recent Past I Though From A Developing 3rd World Country We Might Soon Become A Superpower But Looks Like Wait Will Be Long!
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I have been following and its damn entertaining
I mean congress before the result said that dev gowda and his son can never become cm and then after the result they are ready to make him cm just to keep bjp out
Bjp on the other hand is crying on congress making government despite bjp being the single largest party is ironic since they themselves did that with congress in goa and manipur
So this shows the face of politics

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Politics Mei Baap Aur Bete Bhi Eak Dusre Ke Nahi Hote Toh Aam Janta Kya Cheez Hai.
Sabko Apne Fayde Se Matlab Hai Bas.
All Parties Are The Same.
Just Sit Back And Enjoy The Circus!

Samay Kitna Badal Gaya Waise Pehle Sab Party Congress Ke Peeche Chaaplusi Karti Thi ab Congress Kar Rahi Hai Sabki Chaaplusi.


Wo sab side me rakho.... BJP has formed the govt in Meghalaya with just 2 MLAs. And jo pehle Horse Trading ke naam se badnam tha usko ab Chanakya Neeti aur Mastertroke kaha jane laga hai.... Hahaha

Hahaha tiger bhai amit shah pakka buisnessman hai

Usse bhi kuch upar hai.... Saheb offer deta hai ki ya toh hamare govt me shamil ho jao warna Judge Loya ke paas chale jao

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I don't care bro.. I have given up.. It's not any political party or organization, it's the people who want this. The concerned political party has clearly communicated their plans ,objectives and how they want things to be.. It's upon people to reject it or accept it.. Society wanted this... and it's not at all about development or governance because we have seen their performance in the last 4 years... So the present situation in the country is almost the Will of the people.

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Yes Bro People Get The Government They Want No Point Making Any Excuses.
America Wanted Donald Trump, India Wants Narendra Modi And Biggest Strenght Of BJP Is No Opposition At All.
Even If Its Bjp Vs Rest Still I Think BJP Will Win.

Something Big Will Happen In Next 5-10 Years For Sure And India Will Suffer In All This Or May Be That Could Even Bring A Revolution As Well.

There Was A Time In Recent Past When We Were Fastest Growing Economy And Our Economy Was 3rd Best After Usa And China.

But Till 3rd World Mentality Of People Doesnt Changes We Wont Become Super Power!

Revolution? university or student unions doing sloganeering and getting beaten up in the process is not revolution , revolution requires rationality, reasoning , wisdom ..u r asking too much.. these people??? If u spread a rumour that iam a holy baba and smelling my fart will bring good luck, people will que up on my doorstep to put their noses in my ***.


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M from Karnataka n karnataka elections is more entertaining than many bollywood movies this year... n m sure karnataka elections wil have more twist n turn than Race 3...

answered May 16 by playboy Unit Manager (30,823 points)

Hahaha Karnataka Elections>>>>Ipl 2018

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