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Most viewed trailer on YouTube in 24 hrs Race 3 broken all records with 18.9 million views wow..

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asked May 16 in General by Imran1 Set Designer (2,035 points)
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Sanju Ka Kitna Tha?

Sanju ka trailer abhi tak nhi aaya teaser aaya hai

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race 3 trailer has created biggest hysteria ......ever.
it is the most action any bollywood movie has ever shown....so yeah.....off internet ..... the trailer response is unprecedented.......and only below ETT teaser..... its so huge...... the response.

answered May 16 by Grand Nova Star (148,592 points)
selected 3 days ago by Imran1
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When Salman comes, can records be far behind

answered May 16 by shah Executive Producer (60,212 points)
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It always is. One of the most anticipated movies of the year

answered May 16 by Intense Producer (117,572 points)
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Top 5 most viewed Trailers in 24 hours are :
1- Race 3 18.8M
2-TZH 15.2M
3-Padmavat 14M
4-Golmal again 13.2M
5-Rabta 12.4M


Top 3 most liked Indian Trailers in 24 hours are

1-Race 3 686K
2-Bhahubhali 2 648k
3-TZH 631k


answered May 16 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,926 points)

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