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Action, Scale and Visual wise Race 3 trailer is Grandest Bollywood Trailer til now. Whats ur take

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Imo it beats D3 kick bang bang tzh any bollywood movie till nw interms of action scale n visual wise..

Whats ur take wch movie trailer u consider grandest movie trailer
asked May 15 in General by playboy Unit Manager (30,823 points)
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Whl are those butthurt givin down vote... let me know their name unko pranam karna chahta hu... uss butthurt mae itni himmat hogi nai ke khud bole maine down vote diya hai..

5 Answers

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Definitely among the very best coming out of Bollywood.
It was beyond expectations

answered May 15 by Roman Production Designer (12,986 points)
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all this is good all this is great.... but do you think race 3 will have repeat viewers as many as there were for TZH???
i believe race 3 is salman khan's revenge movie from audience who rejected tubelight.... they didn't like his good movie tubelight ,now he is making exactly what audience wanted from him.... action action action.....

but for me there is nothing else engaging.
did you get anything about the story??

but i think thats fine....i hope there is some engaging story in the movie.... or strong emotions behind these motives. which is the USP of all salman khan movies..which have earned big on boxoffice....

strong motive is needed......
sultan had strong motive, bajrangi had strong motive, tiger had strong motive, devi lal had strong motive.

and without strong motive..... you cannot make audience relate to you/your character/your movie.... obviously

if the movie has something to offer.... other than action..... it can become biggest grosser ever.......

160cr weekend , 250cr week 1 , 100cr week 2 , 60cr remaining

if not then movie will not even add 100cr after the 150cr weekend (which weekend is ofcourse thanks to megastardom)

answered May 16 by Grand Nova Star (154,212 points)

i'll do you one better ... if it turns out to be entertaining movie ...then it will be first 400cr movie

I had to come back to this.... did you just say tiger zinda hai did not command any repeat value?
85cr week 2 on par with bajrangi bhaijaan ... 3rd week again on par with bajrangi bhaijaan ... 4th 5th week even better than bajrangi and dangal respectively.
It was a content based movie and content clicked ....

Grand tzh didnt have repeat value but uska naseeb achcha that it got 4 free weeks n repeat viewer... tzh jaisi movie hardly u can watch twice in full.. rahi baat race 3 iski story bekar hogi thanks ti salman khan jisne race mae hahk dal diya but action scale visual it wil definetly hav repeat value...

@GrandNova, sultan's footfalls after 1st week>>Tzh footfalls after 1st week (1.17cr vs 1.08cr)
Despite TZH having 4 open weeks & new year week while it was only 1 open week for Sultan.
Tzh wom was decent at best

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One of the grandest yes. Others like tzh and BB were very good too

answered May 16 by Intense Director (127,853 points)
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Sureshot all time grosser this time

answered May 16 by Santosh Camera Operator (10,000 points)
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salman apne carrier ke pick per hai ab salmaan ko kuch acchi film karni chahiye .es tarah ki movies log bhool jaate hai per log aaj bhi andaz apna apna ya mpk yaad rakhte hai, in my opinion ek commercial aur ek meaningful movie ka balance hona chahiye,

answered May 16 by nitesh singh Set Designer (2,195 points)

Koun kehta hai iss tarah ke movies ko log bhul jate hai? During 70's & 80's Manoj Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Nasiruddin Shah etc were considered bttr performers than Amitabh. Their films were considered classics. On the other hand Amitabh & his films were panned by critics. But today Amitabh is considered the greatest of all nly bcz of ths films mega success at box office. The same can be said for Salman.... Doesn't matter if critics even give minus 5 stars to his films but people love his films and that's matter the most.

manoj kumar ? ye mera opinion hai ho sakta hai main galat hu but amitabh ne bahot saari classics di hai jo aaj bhi bussiness se jyada film k liye yaad kiya jaata hai. likes of anand, mili, namak haram, abhimaan,chupke chupke, kabhi kabhi, silsila, alaap, shakti,bemisaal, sharabi and many more.

Main nhi keh raha ye sab uss waqt ka critics ka manna tha. Off course Amitabh ne bahut saare classics diye hai.... But pseudo critics panned those classics back then (70 & 80's).... So critics reviews have ZERO value... Only audiences love and appreciation matters.

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